Welcome to Department of Biotechnology (Supported by DBT, Govt. of India)

Post Graduate Department of Biotechnology is established in the year 2002 and the M.Sc. Biotechnology teaching programme is supported by the Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India, New Delhi, under Human Resource Development Programme. The Department is equipped with the state of the art infrastructure for teaching and research in Biotechnology. The M.Sc. Course curriculum has been designed to impart theoretical and practical training to the students in Cell Biology and Genetics, Genetic Engineering, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Bio-techniques, Molecular Biology, Enzyme and Bioprocess Technology, Immunology, Environmental Biotechnology, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Recently, the Department has also adapted choice-based curriculum for M.Sc. students based on DBT model syllabus and UGC guidelines and has introduced an allied elective paper i.e. Biotechniques (3rd  semester), which can be opted by P.G. Science students from other disciplines.


  • P.G. Department of Biotechnology, Utkal University has a vision to become a centre of excellence in Biotechnology education, training and research in the Country and to develop a strong linkage between Academics, Research and Industry. The curriculum and the research strategies have been developed with integrative approaches in order to transform the idea and innovation of young talents into value added products.
  • The Mission of the Department is to nurture, mentor and train young talents with the latest technologies in the field of biotechnology for providing global competence


Sl.No. Programmes Number of seats
1 M.Sc. Biotechnology 33
2 M.Phil. 04
3 Ph.D.

Sl.No. Programme Download
4 M.Sc. Biotechnology
5 Ph.D.
6 M.Phil.
Objectives & Outcomes
Sl.No. Programme Download
7 M.Sc. Biotechnology

The Department has well equipped laboratories with number of sophisticated equipments to carry out routine practicals and research work  where M.Sc. students, Doctoral/Postdoctoral fellows, Scientists and Faculty members are actively engaged in cutting edge research in various fields of Biotechnology.

Some of the facilities listed are as follows:

  • Classroom-02
  • Seminar cum library with internet facilities – 01
  • Research Laboratories – 04 (1. Microbial technology 2. Redox Biology & Epigenetics 3. Biochemistry 4. Immunology & Molecular Biology  )

(These laboratories are equipped with state-of-art equipment like Horizontal and vertical electrophoresis system, semidry and wet western blot transfer Unit, ELISA readers, pH meter, Magnetic stirrer,  Chemi Doc, Gradient PCR, RT-PCR, HPLC, Fluorescence Microscope,  Milli-Q water purification system, Sonicator, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Light Microscope, Ice Flaking Machine, Water Bath, Microtomy, Cooling centrifuge, Laminar Air Flow, Shaking Incubator, Hot Air Oven etc.)

  • Animal Cell culture Laboratory – 01

(This laboratory is equipped with CO2 incubator, Biosafety cabinet, UV-A/B box, Inverted microscope and Cell counter)

  • M.Sc. Laboratories – 02

(These laboratories are specialized and equipped to conduct advanced practical and research work related to Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Plant Tissue Culture and Animal cell culture, etc.)

  • Cold room (40 C ) – 01

(Cold room is used for storing temperature sensitive chemicals and reagents. It is also used to perform temperature sensitive experiments like protein purification, tissue homogenization etc.)

  • Cold Chain Facility

(In this facility, we have different temperature-oriented refrigerators and freezers including  40 C refrigerator, –200 C deep freezer, –500 C  freezer and –800 C  freezer. These are used to store temperature sensitive samples, prepared reagents, chemicals, antibodies etc.)

Major Equipments

Sl. No. Equipment
      1. UV-VIS spectrophotometer
      2. Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
      3. MilliQ Water Purification System
      4. Cooling centrifuge
      5. Gradient PCR
      6. Real-Time PCR
      7. Vertical and Horizontal gel electrophoresis System
      8. Gel Documentation system (Chemi DOC)
      9. Semi-dry and Wet western blotting Transfer unit
  10. -80 0C Deep Freezer
  11. -500 C Deep freezer
  12. -200 C Deep freezer
  13. Inverted Microscope
  14. Fluorescence microscope
  15. Microplate Reader
  16. Sonicator
  17. HPLC
  18. Biosafety cabinet
  19. CO2 incubator
  20. Cell counter
  21. Laminar Air Flow






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