Year of Implementation:- 2018
Overview / Mission & Vision

The primary role of Utkal University is to :-

  • Strengthening linkages and assisting affiliated colleges in improving the competency of students through improved quality of teaching and learning; curriculum reforms; examination system; and research activities.
  • Improving the quality of teaching and learning, examination system, and research activities.
  • Creating linkages with national and international Universities, research labs and industry.
  • Supporting affiliated colleges to increase their on-time graduation rate of students in the undergraduate degree disaggregated by women, ST, SC, and total students.
  • Improving procurement and financial management.
  • Satisfactorily achieving the annual milestone set by the HED.

Work components :-

The programme comprises of four major heads with different activities under each head.

  • Principal meeting
  • Strengthening CDC Office
  • Academic training for affiliated colleges
  • Assistance for NAAC accreditation
  • Student tracking
  • Development of communicative English
  • Strengthening examination system
  • Exposure visit to University
  • Monitoring programme for affiliated colleges by research scholars
  • Skill development of students
  • Entrepreneurial promotion
  • Other activities for strengthening affiliated colleges
  • Human capital Development
  • Integrated Omics & Computational biology
  • Tribal and marginalized communities
  • To construct need-based new civil work in the University Campus.
  • Modernization and strengthening of laboratory
  • Updation of learning resources
  • Procurement of furniture
  • Faculty, staff and students development
  • Research support at University level on predefined guidelines
  • Internationalization of University / Higher Education
  • Student tracking
  • University brand building
  • File/office automation
  • Setting up and Management of Project Monitoring Cell
  • Environment, Health and safety related activities/ Items
  • Academic seminars / workshops
  • Quality and equity enhancement measures