Hostel Details

The University, though not a completely residential one, provides residential facilities to the students in the hostels. All the hostels are supervised by the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent and coordinated by THE WARDEN. There is a Residence Committee to determine the matters relating to general policy and administration of the Hostels from time to time. The Residence Committee consists of the Warden, Chairperson, P.G. Council, all the Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents.

At present there are thirteen hostels inside the campus, six for gents and Seven for ladies as detailed below. Every hostel has a common room where boarders are provided with computer, WiFi,Library,news papers, periodicals and television. The Students are also provided with computational facilities and WiFi. The Boarders celebrate annual-Day function, Welcome and farewell functions.

They also develop the hostel garden and maintain it. For Clean and Safe drinking water, Electronic Water purifiers facilities are Provided in each and every hostels.

Ladies hostel-1 is having its own Gymnasium.

All the Girl students who are in need are accommodated in the ladies hostels.

Mess facility is there in all hostels.

A list of all the hostels, their accommodation capacity and the names of the Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents of respective hostels are Given below :

Warden, P.G. Hostels : Prof. P. K. Hota   8249718935

Gopabandhu Chhatrabasa
371 Dr. A.C. Pathy, 9861879269, Dept. of Geography Dr. A.B. Das, 9090454571, Dept. of Economics
Mr. P.Jani, 9668735524, Dept. of English
Madhusudan Chhatrabasa
240 Dr. Ramesh Ch. Mallick, 9438251224, Dept. of Odia Dr. H.K. Kishan, 9437910022, Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. S Majhi, 9938093250,Dept. of Biotechnology
Fakirmohan Chhatrabasa
187 Dr. P.K. Patra, 8763356554, Dept. of Anthropology Dr. P.K. Swain, 9015146613, Dept. of Statistics  
Godabarish Chhatrabasa
190 Dr. Alok Ranjan Behera, 9439196280, Dept. of Economics Dr. D Das, 8763051991, Dept. of Sanskrit  
Acharyaharihar Chhatrabasa
120 Dr. G.K. Sahoo, 9337127414, Dept. of Law Dr. S.S. Nishank, 9853535258, Dept. of Zoology  
Nilakantha Chhatrabasa
50 Dr. P.R. Dash, 9438206307, Dept. of Statistics Dr. B. Kishan, 9678337706, Dept. of Physics  
50 Dr. K.R. Mallick, 7873276818, Dept. of Geology Dr. S.S. Sahoo, 9616458048, Dept. of Geology  

Kuntala Kumari Chatrinivas
180 Dr. J. Tudu, 9438480131, Dept. of Public Admn. Dr. L. Pattnaik, 9438391778, Dept. of PMIR  
Ramadevi Chatrinivas
234 Dr. S Murmu, 9437405909, Dept. of PMIR Dr. S. Deepika, 8338934974, Dept. of English  
 Sarala Devi Chatrinivas
92 Ms. Mousumi Sethy, 9668629430,
Dept. of Psychology
Ms. Sasmita Soren, 8895876205,
Dept. of Sociology
Malati Devi Chatrinivas 100 Dr. M. Mohanty, 8763734727, Dept. of PMIR Mrs. S. Pattnaik, 9861705097, Dept. of Psychology  
Ladies Hostel No : 5
502 Dr. Manjusmita Dash,
Dept. of IMBA
Dr. P. Mohapatra, 7377527398, Dept. of Philosophy  
Ladies Hostel No : 6
120 Dr. Rashmita Sahoo, 9937034547, Dept. of MBA Dr. Bandana Kullu, 9937622193, Dept. of Botany  

120 Dr. Kabita  Das, 9338198129, Dept. of Philosophy Dr. Pallabi Mishra, 9437133190, Dept. of MBA
Dr. Nibedita Adhikari, Dept. of MCA