Utkal University Post Office is located at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Khorda of Odisha state. It is a sub office (S.O.). A Post Office (PO) / Dak Ghar is a facility in charge of sorting, processing, and delivering mail to recipients. POs are usually regulated and funded by the Government of India (GOI). Pin code of Utkal University PO is 751004. This Postoffice falls under Bhubaneswar postal division of the Odisha postal circle. The related head P.O. for this sub office is Bhubaneswar head post office

Utkal University dak ghar offers all the postal services like delivery of mails & parcels, money transfer, banking, insurance and retail services. It also provides other services including passport applications, P.O. Box distribution, and other delivery services in Utkal University. The official website fo this PO is http://www.indiapost.gov.in.

 Utkal University P.O. is a Sub Post Office. So far as the public is concerned, there is basically no difference in the character of the service rendered by Sub-Post Offices and Head-Post Offices except in regard to a few Post Office Savings Bank (SB) transactions.Certain Sub Post Offices do not undertake all types of postal business. Facilities are generally provided at Branch Post Offices for the main items of postal work like delivery and dispatch of mails, booking of registered articles and parcels accepting SB deposits and effecting SB withdrawals, and issue and payment of money orders, though in a restricted manner.

Utkal University Post Office & Its Pin Code

Often Post Offices are named after the town / village / location they serve. The Utkal University Post Office has the Postal Index Number or Pin Code 751004. A Pincode is a 6 digit post code of postal numbering system used by India Post. The first digit indicates one of the regions. The first 2 digits together indicate the sub region or one of the postal circles. The first 3 digits together indicate a sorting / revenue district. The last 3 digits refer to the delivery post office type.

The first digit of 751004 Pin Code ‘7’ represents the region, to which this Post Office of Utkal University belongs to. The first two digits of the Pincode ’75’ represent the sub region, i.e, Odisha. The first 3 digits ‘751’ represent the post-office revenue district, i.e, Bhubaneswar. The last 3 digits, i.e, ‘004’ represent the Utkal University Delivery Sub Office.


Sub Office Information

The Utkal University Post Office is a sub office. The Delivery Status for this PO is that it has delivery facility. Postal division name for this Dak Ghar is Bhubaneswar, which falls under Bhubaneswar Hq region. The circle name for this PO is Odisha and it falls under Bhubaneswar Taluka and Khorda District. The state in which this Dakghar is situated or located is Odisha. The related head postoffice is Bhubaneswar post office. The phone number of Utkal University post office is +91-674-258-7527.

P.O. Name Utkal University PO
Pincode 751 004
PO Type Sub Office
Delivery Status Delivery
Postal Division Bhubaneswar
Postal Region Bhubaneswar Hq
Postal Circle Odisha
Town / City / Tehsil / Taluka / Mandal Bhubaneswar
District Khorda
State Odisha
Utkal University Post Office Phone Number 06742587527
Related Head PO Bhubaneswar Head Post Office
Utkal University Post Office Services

Traditionally the primary function of Utkal University post office was collection, processing, transmission and delivery of mails but as of today, a Post Office offers many other vital services in addition to its traditional services. The additional services provided by a Dak Ghar include – Mail Services, Financial Services, Retail Services and Premium Services.

  • Mail Services

Mail Services are the basic services provided by Utkal University P.O. Mails and mail services include all or any postal articles whose contents are in the form of message which may include Letters, Postcards, Inland letter cards, packets or parcels, Ordinary mails etc.

  • Parcels

Mail Service also includes transmission and delivery of Parcels. A parcel can be anything ranging from a single written letter or anything addressed to an addressee. No parcel shall be by any chance be in a shape, way of packing or any other feature, such that it cannot be carried or transmitted by post or cause serious inconvenience or risk. Every parcel (including service parcels) that needs to be transmitted by post must be handed over at the window of the post office. Any parcel found in a letter box will be treated and charged as a registered parcel. Delivery services are provided by some selected delivery and branch post offices. This dakghar have the facility of delivery, thus the people of Utkal University and nearby localities can avail all the types of mail services.

  • Retail Services

Post offices in India serve in various ways and Utkal University Post Office offer most of the retail services. They offer the facility to accept or collect constomer bills like telephone or mobile bills, electricity bills for Government and private organizations through Retail Post. Some of the aditional agency services that Post offices offers through retail services are as follows – Telephone revenue collection, e-Ticketing for Road Transport Corporations and Airlines, Sale of UPSC forms, university applications, Sale of Passport application forms, Sale of Gold Coins, Forex Services, Sale of SIM and recharge coupons, Sale of India Telephone cards, e-Ticketing of Railway tickets etc. The postal customers of Utkal University can pay their bills and avail other retail services from this Dak Ghar.

  • Premium Services

Most of the premium services can be availed by the Utkal University peoples and nearby living people. The premium services provided by Utkal University Post Office are – Speed Post, Business Post, Express Parcel Post, Media Post, Greeting Post, and Logistics Post.

Speed Post

Speed Post is a time bound service in express delivery of letters and parcels. The max weight up to which an article or parcel be sent is 35 kgs between any two specified stations in India. Speed Post delivers ‘Value for money’ to everyone and everywhere, delivering Speed Post upto 50 grams @ INR 35 across the country and local Speed Post upto 50 grams @ INR 15, excluding applicable Service Tax. Kindly check official website for updated Speed Post service charges.


Speed Post offers a facility of on-line tracking and tracing that guarantees reliability, speed and customer friendly service. Using a 13 digit barcode that makes a Speed Post consignment unique and identifiable. A web-based technology (www.indiapost.gov.in/speednettracking.aspx) helps the Utkal University customers track Speed Post consignments from booking to delivery.


Except Speed Post, India Post also allows people to track their order information for certain products like Parcels, Insured letters, Speed Post, Registered Post, Electronic Money Orders (EMO) and Electronic value payable parcel (EVPPs) etc. The tracking number is available on the receipt given at Utkal University Post Office. Using the tracking number postal customers can find out the date and time of dispatch of an article at various locations. The time of booking and the time of delivery of article.

Bharatiya Dak Ghar Seva Tracking Number Format Number of Digits
Electronic Money Order (eMO) 000000000000000000 18
Express Parcel XX000000000XX 13
International EMS Artilces to be delivered in India EE123456789XX 13
Registered Mail RX123456789IN 13
Speed Post (EMS) Domestic EE123456789IN 13

Different types of postal service have different kinds of tracking number formats. The tracking number for Express Parcel is a 13 digit alphanumeric format. The format for Express Parcel is XX000000000XX. The tracking number for a Registered Mail is a 13 digit alphanumeric number and its format is RX123456789IN. But a Electronic Money Order (EMO) has a 18 digit tracking number and its format is 000000000000000000. For domestic Speed Post (EMS) there is a 13 digit alphanumeric tracking number with the format EE123456789IN.

  • Express Parcel Post

In Express Parcel Post, the Utkal University postal customer gets time bound delivery of parcels. These parcels will be transmitted through air or any other fastest mean available at that time. Minimum chargeable weight for which Express Parcel consignments will be booked is 0.5 Kg. Maximum weight of Express Parcel consignments which shall be booked across the Post Office counter by a retail customer shall be 20 Kg and maximum weight that can be booked by corporate customer is 35 kgs.

  • Media Post

India Post offers a unique way or concept to help the Indian corporate organisations and the Government organizations reach potential customers through media post. Through media post people can advertise on postcards, letters, aerogramme, postal stationary etc. Customers get to see the logo or message of the respective corporate or government organizations. The Aerogramme even gives the organizations the opportunity to make their product have a global impact.

  • Greetings Post

Greeting Post is yet another innovative or unique step by India Post. It consists of a card with an envelope with pre-printed and pre attached postage stamp on the envelope. The stamp on the envelope is a replica of the design that appears upon the card but in miniature form. Thus there is no need affix postage stamps on the envelope implicitly saving your time of going to post offices and standing in the queue. All the rules and that are applicable for the postage dues will also be applicable to the Greeting Post.

  • Logistics Post

Logistics Post manages the entire transmission and distribution side of the parcels. It deals with collection of goods, storage of goods, carriage and distribution of the various parcels or goods, from order preparation to order fulfilment. And that too at the minimum possible price. Logistics Post services provides the Utkal University postal customer with cost-effective and efficient distribution across the entire country.

ePost Office

The advent of internet made communication very rapid through emails. But, the internet has not yet reached most of the rural parts of India. To change this division between rural & urban life, and to get the benefit of internet technology to Utkal University people’s lives, Indian Postal Department has introduced e-post. e-post is a service in which personalized handwritten messages of customers are scanned and sent as email through internet. And at the destination address office, these messages are again printed, enveloped and delivered through postmen at the postal addresses. E-post centres are established in the Post Offices, covering a large geographical area including major cities and districts. These e-post centres are well equipped with internet connection, scanners, printers and other necessary hardware equipment. However, this e-post service doesn’t particularly need a e-post centre, but can this facility can be availed at any normal Post Office or you can visit www.epostoffice.gov.in to access postal services on your desktop, laptop or even on mobile. If a message is booked at Utkal University post office, the post is scanned and sent to an e-post centre by e-mail and a mail received at e-post centre is printed and sent to nearby Post Office for dispatch.

A Utkal University customer can also avail these services of an e-post, at his/ her home. All he/ she has do is to register as a user at www.epostoffice.gov.in website. After registration, a user can use e-post by scanning and sending messages, printing and receive messages. The message to be scanned must not be written in a paper not more A4. There is no limit for sending number of sheets of messages in e-post.

E-Post Office offers certain services like – Philately, Postal Life Insurance, Electronic Indian Postal Order, Information Services, Track & Trace and Complaints & Guidelines services.

  • Philately

Philately service deals with collection, sale and study of postage stamps. Philately includes lot of services Philately Information, Stamp issue Program, Stamps List and Buy Stamps service.

  • Postal Life Insurance (PLI)

A service offered by the Government to pay a given amount of money on the death of an individual to his prescribed nominee. The amount may also be paid to the person himself, in case he survives that maturity period. The two services offered under Postal Life Insurance are – Pay Premium service and PLI information.

  • Electronic Indian Postal Order

eIPO or Electronic Indian Postal Order is a facility to purchase an Indian Postal Order electronically by paying a fee on-line through e-Post Office. This service is launched by the Department of Posts, Ministry of Communications & IT, Government of India.

eIPO can now be used by Indian Citizens living in India for paying online fee, whoever seeks information under the RTI Act, 2005. eIPO offers 2 types of services – eIPO information and payment of online fees.

  • Information Services

This helps Utkal University customers to get information regarding certain products like – Pin Code search, Speed post, Banking, Insurance, Business Post, Logistics Post, IMTS and many more other services.

  • Track & Trace

The track & trace service is very helpful as it aids in getting information of our valuables. Track & Trace service offers 5 different services – Pin Code search, EMO tracking, Speed Post tracking, WNX tracking and International mail service.

  • Complaints & Guidelines

Using e-post office service Utkal University postal costumer can access services based on – complaint registration, complaint status and guidelines on complaints.

ePost Office Websitewww.epostoffice.gov.in
Financial Services

The customers of Utkal University can enjoy the various savings schemes available in this post office that prove to be highly beneficial for the people living in Utkal University area. The Financial service offered by PO includes Savings and Postal Life Insurance (PLI). There are various options available to save and invest with post-offices. The commonly used ones include – Savings account, Recurring Deposit, Monthly Income Scheme, Monthly Public Provident Fund, Time Deposit, Senior Citizen Saving Scheme, National Savings Certificate, Kisan Vikas Patra and Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Post Office also offers Insurance product through Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) schemes that offer low premium and high bonus.

  • Savings Bank (SB) Account

A Savings bank account serves the need of regular deposits for its customers as well as withdrawals. Cheque facility is also avail by Utkal University postal consumers.

  • Recurring Deposit (RD) Account

A post office offers a monthly investment option with handsome return at the time period with an option to extend the investment period. Insurance facility is also available with certain conditions.

  • Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)

MIS offers a fixed investment technique for five or more years with monthly interest payment to the account holder. There is also a facility of automatic crediting of interest to SB account of the Utkal University postal customer.

Post Office Financial Services
Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)
Monthly Income Scheme (MIS)
Monthly Public Provident Fund (PPF)
National Savings Certificate (NSC)
Recurring Deposit (RD) Account
Savings Bank (SB) Account
Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)
Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA)
Time Deposit (TD)
  • Monthly Public Provident Fund (PPF)

This service offers intermittent deposits subject to a particular limit for a time period of 15 years with income tax exemptions, on the investment. It also offers loan and withdrawal facilities for the postal customers.

  • Time Deposit (TD)

Fixed deposit option for periods ranging from one, two, three to five years with facility to draw yearly interest offered at compounded rates. Automatic credit facility of interest to SB account.

  • Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

Offers fixed investment option for senior citizens for a period of five years, which can be extended, at a higher rate of interest that are paid in quarterly instalments.

  • National Savings Certificate (NSC)

NSC is offered with a fixed investment for 5 or 10 years on certificates of various denominations. Pledging facility available for availing loan from Banks.

  • Kisan Vikas Patra (KVP)

Kisan Vikas Patra is a saving certificate scheme in which the amount Invested doubles in 110 months (i.e. 9 years & 2 months). It is available in denominations of Rs 1,000, 5000, 10,000 and Rs 50,000. Minimum deposit is Rs 1000/- and there is no maximum limit. The KVP certificate can be purchased by any adult for himself or on the behalf of a minor. This certificate can also be transferred from one account holder to another and from one post office to another. This certificate can be en-cashed only after 2 and 1/2 years from the date of issue.

  • Sukanya Samriddhi Accounts (SSA)

Sukanya Samriddhi Account Yojana offers a small deposit investment for the girl children as an initiative under ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ campaign. This yojana is to facilitate girl children proper education and carefree marriage expenses. One of the main benefits of this scheme is that it is very affordable and offers one of the highest interest rates. Currently its interest rate is set as 8.6% per annum that is again compounded yearly. The minimum deposit allowed in a financial year is INR. 1000/- and Maximum is INR. 1,50,000/-. Subsequent deposits can be made in multiples of INR 100/-. Deposits can be made all at a time. No limit is set on number of deposits either for a month or a financial year. A legal Guardian can open an account in the name of a Girl Child. Account can be closed only after completion of 21 years of the respective child. The normal Premature closure allowed is after completion of 18 years only if that girl is getting married.

Business Parcel
Business Parcel COD
Electronic Money Order (e-MO)
Electronic Value Payable Parcel (eVPP)
Express Parcel
Express Parcel COD
Insured Letter
Insured Parcel
Insured Value Payable Letter
Insured Value Payable Parcel
International EMS
Registered Letter
Registered Packets
Registered Parcel
Registered Periodicals
Speed Post
Value Payable Letter
Value Payable Parcel
Post Office Timings

The official working hours of Post Offices vary from one another, but the general Post Office opening time starts from 08:00 AM or 09:00 AM or 10:00 AM and the closing time is 04:00 PM or 05:00 PM or 06:00 PM respectively. The working days are from Monday to Saturday, Sunday being a holiday. This doesn’t include the public holidays or the extended working hours. You can verify the working hours of Utkal University Sub Post Office from the official resources.

India Post Tracking

Online tracking of India Post allowed Utkal University people to access their postal article tracking information and confirm the delivery of their postal article by using the tracking number assigned to them at the time of Booking. They can find the tracking number on the Postal acknowledgement handed over to them at the Utkal University Sub Post Office counter at the time of postal article booking. Following items can track through the www.indiapost.gov.in/articleTracking.aspx official website.

The India Post tracking system is updated at regular intervals to give the Utkal University postal customers with the most up to date information available about the location and status of their postal article. They’ll be able to find out the following:

  • When their postal article was booked
  • When their postal article was dispatched at various locations during its Journey
  • When their postal article was received at various locations during its Journey
  • When their postal article was delivered, or
  • When a delivery intimation notice was issued to notify the recipient that the postal article is available for delivery
Utkal University Post Office Recruitment

For latest Utkal University post office recruitment kindly visit www.indiapost.gov.in/recruitment.aspx.

Location Map

Utkal University Sub Post Office is located in Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Khorda.

Contact Details

All the queries or complaints regarding Bill Mail Service, Booking Packets, Business Post, Direct Post, Flat Rate Box, Indian Postal Orders, Inland Letters, Instant Money Orders, Insurance of Postal Articles, Insurance of Postal Parcels, Letters, Logistics Posts, MO Videsh, Money Orders, Parcels, Post Office Savings Bank, Postal Life Insurance, Postcards, Registration of Postal Articles, Registration of Postal Parcels, Rural Postal Life Insurance, Saving Certificates, Small Saving Schemes, Speed Post, Value Payable Post etc. services in Utkal University Post Office, can be resolved at Utkal University Sub Post Office. You can send letters to “Postmaster, Utkal University Sub Post Office, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Khorda, Odisha, India, Pincode: 751 004”. You can also contact customer service of this post office on +91-674-258-7527. The official website of the Berhampur University Sub Office is http://www.indiapost.gov.in.

  •   Utkal University Sub Office
  •   Address: Utkal University Sub Post Office, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Khorda, Odisha, India
  •   Pin Code: 751004
  •   Phone Number: 06742587527
  •   Website: www.indiapost.gov.in
About India Post

India Post is a government-operated postal system, which is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India. It has the largest Postal Network in the India with over 154882 Post Offices. There are around 139182 Post Offices in the rural India and 15700 Post Offices in urban India. The individual post office serves an area of 21.22 Sq. Km. and a population of 8221 people. The slogan of India Post is Dak Seva Jan Seva. There are 25464 departmental post offices and 129418 extra-departmental branch post offices in India.

Utkal University Post Office Summary
Dak Ghar NameUtkal University Sub Post Office
Dakghar TypeSub Office
Post Office Delivery StatusDelivery Sub Office
Postal DivisionBhubaneswar
Postal RegionBhubaneswar Hq
Postal CircleOdisha
LocationUtkal University
Town / City / Tehsil / Taluka / MandalBhubaneswar
Utkal University Post Office Phone Number06742587527
Related Head OfficeBhubaneswar Head Post Office
ePost-office Web Site Addresswww.epostoffice.gov.in
Speed Post Tracking Websitewww.indiapost.gov.in/speednettracking.aspx
Recruitment Web Site Addresswww.indiapost.gov.in/recruitment.aspx