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Revisiting history & Culture of Odisha, dept of history, Utkal University, Vani vihar

19 Mar 2024

National Conference by Department of Public Administration, Utkal University

15 Mar 2024

International Women’s Day 2024

14 Mar 2024

National seminar on India as a global leader on 16th & 17th March 2024

19 Feb 2024

Capacity Building Programme of National Mission on Libraries, Ministry of Culture, GoI, in collaboration with RRRLF

02 Feb 2024

National Seminar of Department of History Utkal University

04 Jan 2024

Employability & Soft skills (ESS) Organised by UECH, Utkal University

21 Sep 2023

Launch of video on Digital Literacy and Outreach Activities on 12/09/23

12 Sep 2023

“Healthy Diet – Affordable for All,” at Mahidharapara High School, Cuttack. Senior dietician (Praksmita Rout) as a resource person of the event.

07 Sep 2023

Field Activities at Amapada Goan Hamlet ( Chandaka Village) , Rural Outreach

06 Sep 2023

Observation of “International day of the world’s indigenous people” at Kandarpur College, Cuttack.

28 Aug 2023

Sensitisation programme on “Neonatal Care” at Uttarsasan Gram Panchayat, Biridi Block, Jagatsinghpur.

28 Aug 2023


28 Aug 2023


05 Aug 2023

MoU signed between Dept of Psychology and PGIMER & Capital Hospital Bhubaneswar on 25 May 2023

04 Aug 2023

International Conference on Mental Health, NEP 2020 and Psychology in Practice on 8th October 2023

02 Aug 2023

Health talk ” Breast Cancer in Men” organised by Rural outreach in association with Utkal Hospital

01 Aug 2023

World Youths Skills Day

13 Jul 2023

On Eve of the World Population Day 2023 was observed at Utkal University ,PG Council Hall organized by Population Research Center ,Utkal University.

13 Jul 2023

National Workshop on Geospatial data Analysis for Natural Resource Management

17 Apr 2023

National Seminar on Indian Epistemology and Politics of Appropriating Myths

11 Apr 2023

Rural Outreach Division #Health Talk on Chronic Kidney Disease @ Mahanga CHC, Dist: Cuttack,

10 Apr 2023

Awareness Workshop on Heatwave and other State Specific Disasters in Kendrapara District.

05 Apr 2023

Interactive session with women Migrant worker at Kendrapara

23 Mar 2023

On the Occasion of International Women’s Day ,Health Talk on ” Screening & Symptoms of Breast Cancer” at Konark Bhagabati Mahavidyalaya, Konark” in association with Utkal Hospital

11 Mar 2023

Observation of National Science Day in Angul

28 Feb 2023


25 Feb 2023


24 Feb 2023

Skill Development Awareness Program in Narasinghpur College, Cuttack Organised by Utkal Entrepreneurship & Career Hub (RUSA 2.O)

23 Feb 2023

Training program at e- Library with students and faculty, on how to use e- Resources in the Library, a very useful initiative in this digital era.

23 Feb 2023

Revsiting Dominance:Situating Jayee Rajguru in the Khurdha Uprising of 1804 Book Release Event

09 Feb 2023

Capacity building workshop on mgnrega in paradeep

01 Feb 2023

Observation of International Day of Education – Introductory Workshop on Calligraphy

25 Jan 2023

Workshop on Fieldwork Photography

18 Jan 2023

Observation of National Youth Day in Mangala Mahavidyalaya, Kakatpur, Puri

17 Jan 2023

Interaction Session on Convergence of MGNREGA with other Government Schemes in Kakatpur GP office.

17 Jan 2023

An interactive session with Girl students of NCC & NSS group of Konark Bhagabati Mohavidyalaya College in Konark, Odisha

16 Jan 2023

International Conference on Technological Innovations in Animal Science Research and Social Transformation 24-26th February 2023

02 Jan 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Utkal University 2023

01 Jan 2023

Utkal University conducted Skill development Awareness program at Bajirout Memorial College,Bhuban, Dhenkanal on 20th December 2022

20 Dec 2022

Graduation Day of ABSMARI, an affiliated institution to Utkal University in MKCG Auditorium on 12 Dec 2022

13 Dec 2022


10 Dec 2022

Interaction Session on Convergence of MGNREGA and other Government Schemes in GOP, Puri 2022

10 Dec 2022

Hand Ball Tournament (Inter-College) in Utkal University on 9th December 2022

09 Dec 2022

“Contemporary Challenges to Financial Administration in India” a lecture by Dr. Purnendu Kar – Dept. of Pub. Admn & MJMC on 6th December 2022

06 Dec 2022

Conference Schedule and Poster for ICIICC 2022

05 Dec 2022

Utkal University celebrated Nuakhai Bhet Ghat on 2nd December 2022

03 Dec 2022

Inter College Hockey Tournament, Utkal University 03-12-22

03 Dec 2022

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Sarangi, Elevation to the Grade of IEEE Senior Member on 19th Feb 2022

03 Dec 2022

Syndicate Meeting held on 1st December 2022

02 Dec 2022

Felicitation Ceremony on the retirement day of the officers at Utkal University

01 Dec 2022

Lipsa Dash Ph. D. Scholar in 6th International Conference on Advances in Business and Law (ICABL) 2022

01 Dec 2022

Utkal University conducted one day Skill Development Program in Hindol College, Dhenkanal District 30-11-2022

01 Dec 2022

Observation of World AIDS Day 2022

01 Dec 2022

Asiatic Society for Social Science Research in collaboration with School of Women’s studies and the Department of History, Utkal University 2022

30 Nov 2022

Skill development Awareness program at Hindol College, Khajuriakot, Dhenkanal 2022

30 Nov 2022

Download Admit card for Ph.D. Admission 2022

29 Nov 2022

80th Foundation Day, Utkal University 2022-23

28 Nov 2022

80th Foundation Day celebration of Utkal University 2022-23

28 Nov 2022

80th Foundation Day celebration of Utkal University 2022-23

28 Nov 2022

80th Foundation Day celebration of Utkal University 2022-23

28 Nov 2022

36th Annual Conference of Orissa Chemical society & National Conference on Advances in Materials Chemistry and Applications (AMCA – 2022)

28 Nov 2022

National Seminar on Woman and Development in India: A Human Rights Perspective organised by School of Women Studies 2022

26 Nov 2022

Utkal University conducted Skill Development Awareness Program in Kanasa, Dayabihar College, Puri 19/11/2022

19 Nov 2022

Jalapari in Chilika Organised by Veteran Club,Utkal University, Odisha 2022

13 Nov 2022

Transformative Learning: Perspectives on a Global Partnership 2022

07 Nov 2022

Aerosols and their effects on climate: Globally and in India 2022

07 Nov 2022

International Seminar 2022

03 Nov 2022

Utkal University signs MoU with University of Sugriwa, Bali, Indonesia

14 Oct 2022

Free Ergonomic Assessment & Health Check Up Camp in association with Kalinga Hospital Organised by RUSA 2.0 , Utkal University

20 Sep 2022

Awareness Workshop on Snake bite, Prevailing Myths and First Aid Measures (Observation of International Snakebite Awareness Day 19th September 2022)

19 Sep 2022

Happy Viswakarma Puja 2022 Utkal University

17 Sep 2022

Free Ergonomic Assessment & Health Check Up Camp in association with Kalinga Hospital Organised by RUSA 2.0 , Utkal University

17 Sep 2022

International Workshop on “Elderly and Exclusion: A Way Forward to Inclusion” on 14th September 2022

13 Sep 2022

Observation of 15th Anniversary of “United Nation Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People” on 13th September 2022 accompanied with launching a video about rights of Indigenous People.

13 Sep 2022

Talk on ” How to cessation of smokeless tobacco among women at Baisinga G.P of Kamakyanagar Block, Dhenkanal District” ( On the Occasion of National Nutrition Week) In association with AIIMS, Bhubaneswar Organised By: Rural Outreach, RUSA 2.0 Utkal University, Bhubaneswar

05 Sep 2022

Observation of National Nutrition Week 1st September to 7th September 2022 at Bhagabati High School, Siha village, Barchana Block, Jajpur

04 Sep 2022

Talk on How to cessation of smokeless tobacco among women at Baisinga G.P of Kamakyanagar Block, Dhenkanal District – On the Occasion of National Nutrition Week In association with AIIMS, Bhubaneswar

02 Sep 2022

Distinguished Lecture on Transformative Learning: Perspective on a Global Partnership

30 Aug 2022

Food Donation Drive on 24thAugust 2022 near Nuakholamara & Ketikipatana G.P under Satyabadi and Gopa Block, Puri District

26 Aug 2022

Utkal University observed Partition Horror Remembrance Day & Celebrated AKAM in the campus

19 Aug 2022

Utkal University Celebrated AKAM in Regional College Rambag under RUSA 2.0

19 Aug 2022

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19 Aug 2022

75th Independence day Celebration Utkal University 2022

14 Aug 2022

Observation of International Youth Day 2022

12 Aug 2022

Ancient Wisdom And Contemporary Life: Where Do They Meet ?

10 Aug 2022

11 th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Sensor Networks

08 Aug 2022


26 Jul 2022

World Youth Skills Day on 15th July 2022

14 Jul 2022

Submission for Utkal University Website

04 Jul 2022

Significance of Humanities in Today’s Technological World

04 Jul 2022

Observation of “International Lightning Safety Day” and Release of leaflet titled “Do’s and Don’t’s-Lightning and Thunderstorm”

29 Jun 2022

Saplings plantation Drive organized by Rural Outreach, RUSA 2.0

05 Jun 2022

Observation of World Environment Day ,Theme 2022 “Only One Earth”( Sapling Plantation) Organised by Rural outreach RUSA 2.0,Utkal University

05 Jun 2022

WED 2022 celebration-Only One Earth

04 Jun 2022

Celebration of World Environment Day 2022

04 Jun 2022

Industrial Visit-2019

04 Jun 2022

Launch of Awareness Video on Heat Wave

02 Jun 2022

Roster Duty in Summer Vacation 2020

01 Jun 2022

Course Distribution- AIHCA-2021

01 Jun 2022

M.Phil Examination Notice-2020

01 Jun 2022

Ph.D. Course Work-2020 Examination Notice

01 Jun 2022

Special Lecture Series of AIHCA

01 Jun 2022

Health Talk on Prevention of Breast & Cervical Cancer in association with Utkal Hospital, Organized by : Rural Outreach, RUSA 2.0

31 May 2022

Field Visit- Office Orders( From 2016-2022)

26 May 2022

Field Visit/ Study Tour (from 2016-2022) Notice

26 May 2022

Field Visit/ Tour Approvals (From 2016-2022)

26 May 2022


22 Mar 2022

OIUC 2022

19 Mar 2022

VC is observing the OIUC on 16 Mar 20220316

16 Mar 2022

Reaching the female inmates of Jharpada Special jail on Womens Day, RUSA 2.0

08 Mar 2022

Extension of Abstract Submission Deadline for English Conference

05 Jan 2022

National Webinar on “Spatio-temporal changes in Indian Subcontinent through Geological ages”

29 Dec 2021


28 Dec 2021

Valedictory function of International Conference ICDMH-2021

20 Dec 2021

Psychology International Conference concluded

19 Dec 2021

Work Shop On IPR and Patents

19 Dec 2021

Department of History on Skill Development Programme

17 Dec 2021

Utkal University has become Women Badminton Champion for 2021 in Inter College Tournament

17 Dec 2021

Yoga For Personality Development

08 Dec 2021

Online Seminar of Department of History

02 Dec 2021

The Department of Sociology is organizing a roundtable

27 Nov 2021

Workshop on Preparedness of NAAC Accreditation on 22 Nov 2021

22 Nov 2021

International Conference Announcement of Department of Psychology

24 Oct 2021

Inauguration of Diamond Jubilee Celebration of Department of Psychology

20 Oct 2021

World Mental Health Day 2021 Observed in Dept of Psychology

10 Oct 2021

International Youth Day Awareness Programme of Covid-19 Vaccination by RUSA 2.0

13 Aug 2021

“Gender Sensitisation through Outreach Programme for COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among the transgender communities in Bharatapur Slum (Bhubaneswar)” on 12th of August 2021

10 Aug 2021


28 Jul 2021

Drowning on World Drowning Prevention Day

25 Jul 2021

Managing Student Anxiety during COVID-19, 10 JULY 2021

10 Jul 2021

National Webinar on “Cyber Safety and Security in the Digital World” on 2nd July , 2021, Friday 11 AM

30 Jun 2021

International Yoga Day observed on June 21, 2021

21 Jun 2021

Live seminar on Women’s Health & Hygiene on 28th of May 2021 at 10:30am

27 May 2021

WB-OHEPEE Supported Webinar Series : Coping with Challenges of COVID-19 Pandemic (May 2021)

17 May 2021

Odisha Fights Covid-19 : Follow the Guidelines

23 Apr 2021

National Service Scheme Awareness Programme

23 Apr 2021

Awareness Drive on COVID-19

23 Apr 2021

Vice President Attends 50th Covocation Ceremony of Utkal University, Awards Honorary Degrees

03 Apr 2021

Foundation Stone Laid For Examination Hall-Cum-Multipurpose Building

25 Mar 2021

Professor Sabita Acharya, Vice-Chancellor Felicitates to former Vice-Chancellor (Prof. S.M Patnaik)

25 Mar 2021

Invited Talk of Alumnus of Psychology Department (December 2020)

28 Dec 2020

Closing Ceremony of Platinum Jubilee Celebration

08 Dec 2019

Closing Ceremony of Platinum Jubilee Celebration

08 Dec 2019

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