ICT Facility @ UTKAL

Utkal University has given special thrust on the development of state-of-the-art ICT Infrastructure and facilities for all the stakeholders to improve the quality and productivity of the teaching-learning process, examinations, e-offices, and student services. The use of ICT-enabled tools for the purpose of delivering an enhanced educational experience is no longer a matter of choice. The Computer Centre has been entrusted to implement and maintain various ICT infrastructure and facilities under the ICT Working Committee.

Wi-Fi enabled Campus

Utkal University campus has been made WI-FI enabled and the facility is accessible to all stakeholders of the University. The Campus has a 1 GBPS internet connectivity of BSNL terminated at the Computer Centre. The Wi-Fi Network connectivity is available in almost every part of the campus. For the security and safety of the campus-wide LAN setup, the gateway lab is equipped with high-end Routers, firewalls, etc.

Computer Centre with Language Lab

The Computer Centre, established in 1971 with the installation of the IBM 1130 computer in the Department of Chemistry, has been shifted later on to a dedicated building. The centre has been recently renovated with state-of-the-art facilities. It is adequately equipped with (i) hardware (servers, desktop, laptop, etc.), networking equipment, peripherals (printer, scanner, projector, Xerox, etc.) and software. Two supercomputers (PARAM Savak) are also installed in the computer centre.

A Language laboratory is also established in the computer centre with 32 desktop computers, headphones with integrated Mic., an interactive touch panel, and Orell Talk hybrid language lab software.  More

Smart classrooms for teaching-learning

To improve the quality of the teaching and learning process, the use of ICT-enabled teaching-learning environments is necessary. The campus has developed 30 full-fledged smart classrooms with the ANTI Glare Touch Screen, digital podium, Motion Detection Camera, and provision for taking classes in blended mode, speaker, UPS, etc. Besides, there are 50+ ICT-enabled classrooms. Teachers are now regularly scheduling classes in these rooms to make the teaching-learning process more effective.

Video conferencing system

The University has 12 high-quality Video Conferencing facilities at the administrative buildings, Centres, and departments of the University to facilitate online official meetings, conferences, Ph.D./M.Phil. viva voce examinations, job interviews, exert committee meetings for CAS promotion, project assessment, remote class participation, etc. These facilities have been extensively used during and post-pandemic periods.

Library Automation and Digital Library

The Parija Library is the central library of the University. It is fully automated using RFID technology with e-Granthalaya Library Management software. An e-library has been set up as an annex to the Parija Library which is extensively rich and electronically resourceful with 119000+ e-books and e-journals. More

Virtual Tutorial Lab

A state-of-the-art virtual tutorial platform was established at Utkal University under RUSA for developing Audio-Video based e-content +3 level in bilingual mode (Odia and English), and also for PG programmes for use of students across the state and beyond.


The growing use of e-contents in the teaching-learning process and blended mode of teaching becoming prevalent, it is essential for an educational institute to have a Learning-resource Management System (LMS) supported with facilities for e-content development, storage, and delivery system. Keeping this mind, Utkal has established a state-of-the-art virtual tutorial lab for e-content development by the faculty and installed LMS server for the storage and delivery of the e-contents. Besides this, task assignment, online examination, quiz, etc. are also undertaken using institutional LMS.