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Historical Background of the Course:

In the state of Odisha, when B.Sc. Computer Science was introduced in 1998, the then coordinator of the course, Prof. Sateesh Kumar Pradhan proposed to introduced this course to accommodate all the pass out students into the P.G Course. At that time, other state Universities has no such course in the state. M. Sc. Computer Science was introduced in 2001 in self financing mode and run in collaborative mode with M.C.A Course of the same department.

Vision: Mission:
  • To be the Centre of Excellence in the Research domain of computer science and be premier in producing excellent computer professional through an inclusive educational program which creates leaders for the industry, academia, and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide quality post-Graduate education in both the theoretical and applied foundations of computer science and train the students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems.
  • To pursue the quest for ideas to impart state-of-the-art technical knowledge in computer science.
  • To integrate research results and innovations into other scientific disciplines.
  • To inculcate and carry forward the qualities of computer science education and training to the people of the nation.
  • To provide computer science expertise to realise the idea of social transformation.


  • To produce proficient and competent Computer Science graduates with a solid foundation in Computer Science , Basic Sciences and Mathematics for successful professional careers in industry, academia, and public service.
  • To prepare graduates to become effective technical communicators/collaborators in multidisciplinary teams providing technical leadership to create innovative computing solutions for challenging real life problems.
  • The graduates of the programme will contribute to society in a professional, responsible and ethical manner.
  • Our graduates will pursue lifelong learning through such activities as higher studies, research and development,distance education, professional training and membership in professional societies to be able to adapt to challenges of changing environment.


Sl.No. Programmes Number of seats
1 M.Sc. Computer Science 40

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2 M.Sc. Computer Science
Objectives & Outcomes
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3 M.Sc. Computer Science

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  • Two class rooms out of which one class room with interactive projector with ICT Facility.
  • One Library with 2060 numbers of Text Book and Reference Books.
  • Internet (Wi-Fi) facility for All the students and Staff of the course.
  • One Reading Room with Air Conditioned Facility.
  • Drinking Water Facility available in the premises of the course.
  • Two Lavatory available with well equipped sanitary facility.
  • The office room of the course is well equipped with one desktop computer, Printer and Photocopier.


  • 40 Numbers of Desktop Computers installed with dual Booting System and other essential software.
  • 04 numbers of Air Condition.
  • 03 Numbers of UPS of capacity 5KVA each.
  • 24 x 7 Internet Facility with Wi-Fi.

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