Welcome to Zoology Department

The Department of Zoology was born on 21st July 1960 with Prof. Basant Kumar Behura as the founder Professor at the historic Ravenshaw College (presently Ravenshaw University), Cuttack, Odisha. The Department was shifted to the Utkal University campus on 21st July 1973 and since then, the Department has been imparting teaching and training students and conducting research in various emerging areas of Zoology. In the meantime, the Department has grown 62 years old and has celebrated the Golden Jubilee in the year 2010. Notwithstanding the heights and lows during the last six decades, the Department has earned many laurels including two Padma Shris, and has made a name in Zoology in the national and international arena. The Department offers regular courses in M Sc, M Phil, and Ph.D. in Zoology. Our faculty and students continue to contribute towards updating and upgrading the curriculum. This has resulted in achieving the DRS (UGC), FIST (DST), and PURSE (DST status by the Department.


To achieve excellence in higher education, research, and innovation in the areas of Zoology and to remain sensitive and responsive to the changing needs of society.

  • To create, innovate and disseminate knowledge in Zoological science.
  • To provide state of art infrastructure and a conducive environment for students and faculty to produce globally competent professionals.
  • To conserve faunal diversity through a sustainable approach.
  • To inculcate morality, ethics, and humanity among young minds.
Strategic Goals
  • To maintain the standard of teaching and research to develop the next generation of human resources for academics and institutions.
  • To encourage interdisciplinary research.
  • To develop collaboration with institutions and universities at the national and international level.
  • To promote humanitarian values and service to the community.


Sl.No. Programmes Number of seats
1 MSc Zoology 32
2 MPhil Zoology
3 PhD Coursework
4 PhD (Fishery Science)

Sl.No. Programme Download
5 M.Phil Zoology 2021
6 MSc Zoology 2021
7 PhD Course work 2021
8 M.Sc Zoology COPO Maping
Objectives & Outcomes
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The Department has facilities both for basic and advanced research with a number of sophisticated equipment and six dedicated laboratories. The Masters, Doctoral and faculty carryout routine practical and other research activities in various areas of animal science. Besides, the facilities of CoE-IOCB and Central Instrumentation Facility of the University are being used by us. Nurturing the students in all possible ways is the mission of the Department.
Some of the facilities are as under:

Seminar Library

The Department has a 24 x 7 completely student managed seminar library with more than 6000 books, several magazines and periodicals. Around 1500 books have been donated by alumni and animal lovers. One of our alumnus, Dr P. C. Mishra, IFS is donating Rs. 50, 000/- annually since 2018 to enrich the library.


The Departmental Museum, established in 1973 at Vani Vihar campus with a floor space of 750 SFT, is one of its kind among the universities of the state. The bulk of the museum samples (around 2500: insects, invertebrates, fish, amphibians, birds and mammals) were collected through field trips by the department (both students and teachers over the years. The specimens were scientifically arranged and classified to facilitate the work of researchers and students in studying the types of animals found in the region and state. We invite students of nearby schools and colleges and public particularly during celebration of different days related to environment and biodiversity. The Master and research students of the department explain and demonstrate the visitors about the purpose of the museum, diversity and importance of animals, and our individual role in protecting an animal. Awareness generation among all concerned is the primary objective of such initiatives.

Smart Class Room

Most of the classes, invited talks and student seminars are organized in a fully- equipped 820 SFT Smart class room with all the facilities.

Computer Facility

Zoology is a Wi-Fi-enabled Department throughout with 06 dedicated computers for the students, besides having dedicated computers for research laboratories and specific equipment.

Class rooms and Research Labs

We have one fully equipped smart class room, two ICT-enabled air-conditioned class rooms, three student laboratories and four specific research laboratories. Three of the research laboratories are air-conditioned.

Seminar hall

The conference hall is a 968 SFT air-conditioned, ICT-enabled facility with a seating capacity for about 100 students.

CC Camera surveillance

The entire Department including class rooms, corridors, library, laboratories and outside premises has 24 x 7 CC Camera surveillance coverage for general safety and security of the students and staff.

Student seminar

This is one of the most prominent activity of the department since 1960 with seminar schedules every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Each student has to deliver at least two seminars during his studentship. The best seminar presentation is awarded in the Annual day celebration of the Department. In addition, several eminent persons from all walks of life are invited regularly to deliver special seminars.

Animal House facility

Established in June, 1990, the Animal House Facility of the Department caters the teaching and research needs of the Department of Zoology, Department of Biotechnology and University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It is CPCSEA approved (Reg. No 192/GO/Re/S/2000/CPCSEA), and has an established and approved Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC). The facility has 300 SFT air conditioned space and well protected against environmental contamination. The facility is designed to supplement teaching, training, and research capabilities, through provision of quality animals like rat, mice and rabbit.

Major equipment

1. Multiplate Reader
2. UV-Visible Double beam spectrophotometers
3. Fluorescent Microscopes with photographic attachment
4. Stereo zoom Microscope with photographic attachment
5. Gel Documentation system
6. High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge
7. Electrophoretic system

8. RT-PCR and PCR
9. Microbial Culture facility with laminar air flow
10. HPLC
11. Incubators, Ovens, water bath, student microscopes, normal centrifuges and a
series of smaller equipment

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