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Physics is the most fundamental, and least significant, of the sciences.

About Department

It pioneered modern physics research in the state. The Institute of Physics was conceived from the core the department. The department played a pivotal role in the establishment of Orissa Physical Society for Modernizing Physics Education in the State. The only computer, an IBM 1130 gifted by the UGC in fact marked the beginning of Computer age in the State. A large number of institutes and industries were the users of this facility in those days. Subsequently the department initiated the PG DCA programme, which emerged as a full-fledged department of Master in Computer Science and Applications with its own independent infrastructure. Reaching out to the peripheral sectors, our department was a nodal point for the NCERT ‘CLASS’ project for schools for about a decade. The department has hosted several national and international conferences/symposia and workshops. In addition, we have conducted several schools and awareness programmes. We contributed to the faculty improvement programme for colleges and other universities through several refresher courses. The programmes currently offered are M.Sc, M.Phil and Ph.D. Two special papers, Condensed Matter physics and Particle Physics are offered at M.Sc. level.


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