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Law is a system of rules created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior,with its precise definition.

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Year of Establishment : 1973.In recent years, the meta-narrative of legal reforms in India has creatively appealed to the issues of social and distributive justice in the contexts of economic development and good governance. Despite the rights granted by the Constitution and special legislations, the reality is that there is widespread non-implementation of the legislations, structural inequalities, social intolerance and power imbalances within the society. Law is a means of bringing silent changes in substantive laws and procedures, which have relevance to the Fundamental rights of the citizens. .All law is not justice and all justice is not law. Justice is a combination of various factors; namely, good legislation and effective implementation. Law in action is more important than law itself. Therefore, to attain effective administration of justice it requires intellectually skilled individuals to operate the legal machinery of a democratic nation.


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