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Established in 1969, the PG Department of Botany, Utkal University, is recognized for excellence in teaching and research in major areas of Plant Science in general. The Department offers Post-Graduate Course (M. Sc.) for two years duration for which admission is made through All India Entrance test in addition to 50% weightage on career. There is semester system of examination along with regular internal evaluation.The Department offers four specializations (Biotechnology and Plant Genetic Manipulation, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Environmental Biotechnology and Microbial technology) to the students of the Final Semester. In addition the Department offers M. Phil and Ph.D. programme. The M. Phil programme is for one year containing one General and one Elective paper. The students also submit a dissertation on their elective subject because besides giving presentation.The Department provides space for Self Financing Coursers in M.Sc. & Ph.D in Applied Microbiology and in Environmental Science. The Department has received funds from UGC [under DRS Programme in three phases] and DST [FIST Prgogramme in two phases]. In addition the faculty members receive funds individually or in groups, from various extramural funding agencies (DBT/ICAR/DST, Govt. of Odisha, Central Silk Board, , Indian Medicinal Plant Board, Indian Bureau of Mines and National Remote Sensing Agency etc.). in addition to class room teaching, guest lectures, seminars, elocution completions and quiz tests are conducted regularly for training and overall skill development of the students.The students, staff and invited guests deliver lectures in the weekly seminars. The students visit CSIR-IMMT (Institute of Mineral and Material Technology), DBT-ILS (Institute of Life Sciences), ICMR-RMRC ( Regional Medical Research Centre) Located at Bhubaneswar and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur for advance practical training. Several students of the Department have qualified NET and GATE, have joined various research Institute like IIT Kharagpur, IIT Mumbai, JNU, Delhi University, Institute of Life Science, Bhubaneswar and ICAR-NRRI (National Rice Research Institute), Cuttack. A few of our students have proceeded to USA for doctoral and post-doctoral research. Most of the faculty members have availed foreign fellowships and worked in advanced laboratories in India abroad. The Department hosted 7th Orissa Bigyan Congress once and also organized the Annual Conference of Orissa Botanical Society Several times. Besides several national seminars, symposia and workshops are regularly being held.

  • To impart innovation teaching, value-added learning and quality research to enable Botany students of Utkal university for handling social challenges through creativity and competency.
  • To disseminate knowledge and to pursue interdisciplinary research in modern and competitive areas in plant sciences.
  • To create a platform for nurturing plant loving attitude and aptitude among all sectors of people in the state.
  • To play a catalytic role in generating skilled, committed, intellectually transformed personalities in teaching and research for societal benefit in the State of Odisha.


Sl.No. Programmes Number of seats
1 MSc (Botany) 32
2 MPhil (Botany) 10
3 PhD (Botany) 10
4 PhD (Environmental Science) 5
5 PhD (Microbiology) 5

Sl.No. Programme Download
6 M.sc Botany
7 M.Phil Botany
8 Ph.D Botany
Objectives & Outcomes
Sl.No. Programme Download
9 M.sc Botany
10 M.Phil Botany
11 Ph.D Botany


The Department has well equipped laboratories with number of sophisticated equipment to carry out practical for M.Sc. students. Besides the general M.Sc. laboratories to carry out routine practical, the Department has several research laboratories including Cytogenetic and Molecular Biology, Plant Tissue and Organ Culture Facility, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Environmental Biology, Microbiology and one General laboratory, Green house and Net house facilities, Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Instrumentation facilities, etc., where Doctoral/Postdoctoral students, Scientists and Faculty members are actively engaged in cutting edge research in various fields of Biotechnology. Some of the facilities are as follows:

Botanical Garden:

The Department maintains a botanical garden since its inception. A treasure of plant wealth, conservatory of rare and endangered species, trees, shrubs, aquatic plant collection and vermicompost unit.

Museum / Herbarium:

The museum of the department of Botany is the showpiece for institution and the state as a whole, having varieties of exhibits such as herbarium specimen and seeds etc. At present approximately 10,000 herbarium specimens are available in the department, which are displayed for student of various school and colleges of the state and outside the state, parents, guardians and visitors of different corner of the country.

Research laboratories

There are five specialized Research Laboratories such as Cytogenetic and Molecular Biology, Plant Tissue and Organ Culture Facility, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Environmental Biology, Microbiology and one General laboratory for the Research scholars and students.

Air Quality Monitoring Station (AQMS) and Automatic Weather Station (AWS)

Rising pollution in cities not only brings down the quality of life and increases mortality and morbidity rate but also the transport of air pollutants from one region to another region has made it an international issue. Monitoring of air pollutants become very essential to understand and address various   scientific and social issues. Recently, Utkal University become one of few universities in India  to be part of prestigious national air pollution monitoring program of Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) by signing a MoU with  Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology, Pune who is nodal research agency to execute above scientific program under the name “MAPAN“ (Monitoring of Air Pollutants and Network ). Under the above program, a sophisticated advance Air Quality Monitoring Station (AQMS) has been installed and operational since Diwali this year at Dept. of Botany (DoB) of Utkal University where the M.Sc. Environmental Science (SFC) program is functional. Air pollutants measured under this program are particulate matters (PM10 & PM2.5), Ozone (O3), Oxide of Nitrogen (NOX), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2) etc. Apart from AQMS, there is a dedicated weather monitoring system (AWS) to link various meteorology parameters with air pollutants. The data generated could be used to address various environmental and social issues like impact of air pollution on health and eco-system, identification of source of pollutants through modelling, crop yield, microclimate of cities, and spatial-temporal/seasonal/long term trend of various atmospheric pollutants w.r.t weather. Dr. Saroj Kumar Sahu, UGC-Assistant Professor (Environmental Science) is in-charge of operation and development of this program at DoB, Utkal University.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Lab.

There is dedicated advance computer laboratory with advance Geographical Information System (GIS) based high computational facilities to handle the air pollution, remote sensing, emission and environmental data. Lab. has also Linux server to facilitate 3D Atmospheric chemical transport modelling studies.

Glass house facility

A fiber-glass house of 400 sq. ft. is there in the department which is used by the research scholar for maintaining the plants on pot cultures for experimental work.

Culture room

A separate culture room facility is there for aseptic culture of plant tissue, Cyanobacteria and algae.

Seminar library

Seminar Library of the department has 2838 nos. of books and journals for the use of students and faculties. It has e-granthalay software for easy access, issue of books and library automation.

Girls’ common room

About 88-90% of students of the department are girls. Therefore, department facilitates them by providing a furnished girls’ common room for their leisure time along with indoor game facilities.

First-Aid Room

To meet the unseen medical emergencies of the students during working hour, the department is having a separate First Aid room with a bed and first aid Box.

Computer laboratory

The department has a central computer laboratory with ten computers equipped to broadband LAN internet connection. It is for the access of students, Research Scholar and staffs of the department.

Student lounge with Wi-Fi facility

There is a student lounge of 15 sitting capacity with facilities of Newspaper, Magazines and free Wi Fi. This provides a platform for interaction of students of different semesters and different disciplines.

Biometry and CCTV surveillance

For general security of the department, it is facilitated with biometry CCTV surveillance.

RO- Drinking water facility

One RO drinking water and one cold drinking water facility is available in the department.

Student house

The department is having four student committees/ houses for smooth functioning of departmental activities since the time of establishment and they are named as Parijatak, Satadal, Pallavi, Madhupak by our founder professor and Head Prof. B. Padhi. Students are elected for each committee by the departmental students each year. Parijatak is the post of seminar secretary which conducts the weekend seminars for students and overall, in charge of all the departmental activities of the students up to annual function. Satadal committee takes care of the wall magazine up to date and informative for the students. Pallavi is given the responsibility of the entire cultural activities takes place in the department from time to time. and finally, the Madhupak secretary looks after the food arrangement and refreshment activities associated with each programme of the department.

Student seminar

Weekend seminars are being arranged by the students in every Saturday in the department lecture hall where the students of botany, microbiology, environmental science, research scholar deliver seminars on various topics related to their syllabus and current research topics. Sometimes invited lectures are also organized for the students as their enrichment and motivate programmers by eminent professors from different universities and Nobel orated from different fields.

Class room

There are three class rooms with ICT facility and three General Laboratories for students of MSc. Botany, Applied microbiology and Environmental Science.

Conference Hall

Department is having a conference hall of 1000 sq ft with a ‘U’ table and 50 sitting capacities equipped with interactive smart projector. The room is frequently used for Departmental meetings and Ph.D. seminars presentations.


The department is having a vermicompost unit which is regularly supplied by biodegrading wastes and garden wastes of the department and further the compost is being used for the gardening purpose.


Major Equipment

Sl. No.  



1. UV-VIS spectrophotometer
2. High speed Cooling centrifuge
3. Water Distillation System
4. Vertical and Horizontal gel electrophoresis System
5. Gradient PCR
6. Stereo Zoom Microscope
7. Fluorescence microscope
8. Gel Documentation system
9. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
10 Temperature Control Water Bath
11 Rotary Evaporator
12. Laminar Air Flow
13. Autoclave
14. Incubator
15. Plant Growth Chamber
16. Hot-Air Oven
17. Air Quality Monitoring System
18. Weather Monitoring System
19. GIS and modelling lab.


Air Quality Monitoring System & Weather Monitoring System


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