PG Analytical and Applied Economics Faculty

Sl.No. Name Designation Email Qualification Phone No. View Details
1 Dr. Barendra Kumar Bhoi RBI Chair Professor barendra.bhoi@gmail.com MA (Utkal), PhD (IIT Mumbai) 9969989644 View
2 Dr. Swayam Prava Mishra Assistant Professor swayameco@utkaluniversity.ac.in MA, PhD (UoH) 9177614197 View
3 Dr. Alok Ranjan Behera Assistant Professor III/Reader arbehera@utkaluniversity.an.in MA, M.Phil, PhD (Utkal) 9439196280 View
4 Dr. Atal Bihari Das Assistant Professor, Stage II atal.das@gmail.com MA, PhD (Utkal) 9090454571 View
5 Dr. Himanshu Sekhar Rout Reader & Head of the Department hsrout@utkaluniversity.ac.in MA, M.Phil, PhD (Utkal) 06742567398 View
6 Dr. Siba Sankar Mohanty Reader sibamohanty@utkaluniversity.ac.in MA (Utkal), M Phil, PhD (JNU) 06742567398 View
7 Dr. Mitali Chinara Professor mitali@utkaluniversity.ac.in MA, M Phil, PhD (Utkal) 9437111456 View