Photo gallery

“Contemporary Challenges to Financial Administration in India” a lecture by Dr. Purnendu Kar – Dept. of Pub. Admn & MJMC on 6th December 2022

Vice Chancellor and the faculties of Utkal University in National Workshop on “Janajatiya Anusandhan-Asmita, Astiva evam Vikas” 28th December 2022

Utkal University celebrated Nualhai Bhet Ghat on 2nd December 2022

Inter College Hockey Tournament, Utkal University 2022-23

Syndicate Meeting held on 1st December 2022

Ms. Lipsa Dash, Dr. Gyanendra Kumar Sahu (Guide) Ph. D. Scholar, Department of Law, Utkal Univerity

World AIDS Day observed in Utkal Univeristy

Felicitation Ceremony on the retirement day of the officers at Utkal University