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1 Typology of life Insurance
2 The Insurance Regulatory Authority
3 Liability Insurance
4 Growth and Development of Insurance Law in India
5 Fire Insurance
6 Circumstances affecting the Risk
7 Agriculture Insurance
8 The Motor vehicle Act 1988
9 Plate Glass Insurance
10 Insurance Act 1938
11 General Principles of Law of Insurance
14 Union & state list
15 Share capital
16 SEBI and RBI control over Corporate Finance
17 Payment of Commission
18 Managerial Remuneration
19 Debentures
20 Capitalisation
21 Working Capital
22 Transfer and Transmission of Shares
23 Securities and Borrowings
24 Prospectus
25 Meaning of corporate finance
26 Invitation and Acceptance of Deposits
27 Constitutional Perspective
28 Buy Back of Shares
29 The Caste System
30 Secularism as a solution to the problem
31 Rights of Linguistic Minorities
32 Reform of Law in secular lines
33 Non-Discrimination on the Grounds of caste
34 Law as the product of tradition and culture
35 Law as the product of tradition and culture
36 Language Policy and Constitution
37 Counter forces and Social Transformation
38 Common Law system and Institutions in India
39 Theories of Social Change
40 Statutory Commission
41 Rights of Religious Minority
42 Religion as a Divisive Factor
43 Protective Discrimination
44 Non- Discrimination on the Ground of Language
45 Law as an Instrument of Social Change
46 Language as a Divisive factor
47 Concept of Social change and the Role of Law
48 Caste as a Divisive factor
49 Feminist Jurisprudence and Gender Injustice in India
50 Fundamental Rights and new Social Ordering
51 Participation of Women in Governance and Decision making process
52 Restorative Justice
53 National Commission for Women
54 Judiciary and social Engineering
55 Directive Principles of State Policies and social Transformation
57 Concept and Jurisprudential theories of Social engineering
58 Compensatory Jurisprudence
59 Commission for Protection of Child Rights
60 Child Labour
61 Broader Concept of Gender Equality
63 Doctrine of Eclipse
64 Collection of Cheques
65 Censorship of Films
66 Dr. Manoj Kumar Sadual