Utkal University Debating Club has been fostering the intellectual discussion and the art of debate and rhetoric within the university, among its students. It encourages competitive debating, public speaking, leadership skills, community spirit and knowledge sharing. The club regularly conducts intra and interuniversity competitions. In some of his past activities, the club has held sessions to discuss a historical overview of debating, its purpose and benefits for students and provided examples of how debating has been an age-old human activity.


  • To promote relationships between studentsoutside the classroom and enhance collective learning through interesting and participatory activities.
  • To create ideal space to deal with current issues, thus awakening the interest of students and encouraging them to develop critical thinking
  • To develop in students the ability to form sound opinion and healthy perspectives.
  • To develop in them linguistic abilities.
  • To offer students the possibility of debating a topic in an orderly manner, respecting turns of speech and arguing their position in public
  • To train the students elocution skills with appropriate tactics and strategies
  • To make the students understand the healthy way of exchanging opinions to increase knowledge, mutual respect, tolerance, empathy and sportsmanship.


Dr. Tanutrushna Panigrahi, Department of English

Dr. Hemanta Kumar Dash, Department of Public Administration


  • Krishna Dash
  • Himadri Samal
  • Kaibalya Nayak
  • Mamali Nayak
  • Nagendra Chandra Nayak
  • Nibedita Sahoo
  • Om Patnaik
  • Prakash Das
  • Prayatatma Rath
  • Shivani Mohanty
  • Dibyadarshan Dash
  • Bhakti Manjari
  • Debashis Dash
  • Ashutosh dash
  • Amit Snehashis Rout
  • Ankita Padhi
  • Divyaa
  • Dipshikha
  • Gargi
  • Subhashree Rana
  • Kishan Kumar Sahu



The club held an induction event for the students on 27th February 2023 (Monday) at 05:00 PM in the Smart Classroom premises of Department of Public Administration, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. The registered students from many departments of the university were present in the event. Prof. Tanutrushna Panigrahi, Department of English and Dr. Hemant Kumar Dash from the Department of Public Administration, both faculty coordinators of the Debating Club steered the event. Thirty eight participants represented fourteen Departments of the university and many others who registered were absent because of end-semester examination preparations. The session included a discussion on the role, function, importance and benefits of a university level Debating club. Students of different departments flagged their concerns and well as expectations from the  Debating Club like:


The Debating Club organised a debating activity cum mentoring session on 13th March 2023 (Monday) at 04:00. Sixteen students from different departments of the University took part in the session. Students were given 03 topics of discussion before an hour of the event which were:

(1)  War and Peace / युद्ध और शांित / ଯୁଦ୍ଧ ଏବଂ ଶାନ୍ତି

(2) The Journey called Life / जीवन नामक यात्रा / ଜୀବନ ନାମକ ଯାତ୍ରା

(3) Spirituality for Young Generation / युवा पीढ़ी के िलए आध्याित्मकता / ଯୁବପି ଢୀ ପାଇଁ ଆଧ୍ୟାତ୍ମିକତା

The session was moderated by the two faculty coordinators of the club. The student participants were at liberty to speak on any topic of their choice amongst the three given choices in any primary language medium, which were English, Hindi and Odia respectively. The students debated for four minutes each and during the interjection round of two minutes.