MR. Kartik Chandra Das
Name: MR. Kartik Chandra Das
Designation: Asst. Professor -II
Phone No.: 8249874450
E-mail ID: pmir@utkaluniversity.ac.in
Utkal University, Odisha
DEC, 2016 – Continuing  
Department: PM&IR
Thesis Title:
Utkal University ,Odisha
July,2010 M.Phil. In (History).
Thesis Title:Pandit Nilakantha Das ;His Life and Times.
Utkal  University ,Odisha
June,2009 MPM&IR (Master in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations)
Utkal University,Odisha,
Fakir Mohan University,Odisha,IndiaUGC





Department: PM&IR
 MA. In History 
Bechler of Arts
Utkal University Feb.. 2015 –present Assistant Professor-(Stage-II)
Labour & ESI Dept.
Govt.of Odisha,India
Nov. 2013 – Feb. 2015 Rural Labour Inspector
Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Balasore Odisha,India


Sep. 2012 to Nov. 2013



Aug,2009 to Nov.  2013





PM&IR-Organisational Change&Development (Paper-301.3)
Department of PM&IR Utkal University
Performance Management (Paper-201.4)
Compensation Management ( Paper-401.1)
PM&IR -Comparative Employee Relation (Paper-301.8)
Department of PM&IR Utkal University
PM&IR-Labour Adminstration (Paper-401.4)
Department of PM&IR Utkal University
PM&IR-Social Security &Unorganised Sector (Paper-201.6)                                        Department of PM&IR Utkal University
PM&IR-Industrial Psychology (Paper-101.8)
Department of PM&IR Utkal University
PM&IR-Human Resource Development(Paper-301.1)           Department of PM&IR 

Invited lectures:
KIMT ,Bhubaneswar (Department Name), 2016, Basic Description of Topic

PhD thesis

  • Your Name, Title of Your Thesis”.

Book Articles (Authored)

[1] Das Kartik Chandra,Title of the Book”, A Study on Unorganised Sector Workers with special reference to Building and Other Construction Workers in Odisha , Industrial Relations in

Liberalised India , Industrial Relations in Liberalised India,R.P Publications, ISBN No. 978-93-82398-22-6, 2015.

Journal Articles
[1]  Das Kartik Chandra,Tripathy Santosh, ¨ Effectiveness of Financial assistance Received under Building and Other Construction Workers Cess Act,1996” , Jhardkhand journal of

Development And Management Studies,XISS,Ranchi., Department of Research and Publications ,XISS, Ranchi,ISSN No.0973-8444 , 17. 2019.
[2]  Das Kartik Chandra ,Tripathy Santosh¨Impct and Issues on Migrations”, Srama Darpan, State Labour Institute,Odisha Bhubaneswar, ISSN No. 2349-1752,Combined Issue 1,2,3,4.2017-2018 .

[3]  Das Kartik Chandra ,Tripathy Santosh “Impact of Welfare Schemes of Odisha Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board(OB&OCWWB): An Empirical Evaluation,Journal of Social Work and Social Development ,ISSN 2229-6468 Volume 12 Number 2, Dec,2021(UGC Care Listed)

  1. Swatee Singdeo, M.Phil Scholar (Utkal University).Topic-A study on Welfare and Social Security Facilities of Building and Other Construction Workers in Bhubaneswar(2019)
  2. Saumit Kumar Senapati , Intern candidate, (Utkal University) – Employees’ Work  life Balance in IT sectors, Title, Summer 2016. Currently working  as Manager (HR ) in Coal India Limited,
  3. Sushree Sunita Munda , Intern candidate, (P.G.Deptt. P.G.Deptt. of PM&IR Utkal University) – Performance Appraisal System at OMC,Bhubaneswar, Summer 2016
  4. Anirudha Sahoo, Intern candidate, (P.G.Deptt. of PM&IR Utkal University ) – Doccument Management at Tata Steel KPO And its impact on Business Enabling, Summer 2016
  5. Ashis Kumar Behera , Intern  candidate, (P.G.Deptt. of PM&IR Utkal University ) –A study on Contract Labour in construction sectors, Bhubaneswar
  1. Name of the Candidate,
  2. Name of the Candidate,

Title of The Project(PI/ Co-PI): Basic Description of the Project, Funding Agency, Amount received

  •  Presented a paper titled “Challenges of human capital research and development in India:An analysis” in NITI AAYOG sponsored International Seminar On “Institutional Excellence for Economic growth”Organised by PG Department of Commerce, Utkal University ,India from 28th to 29th Jan 2018.
  • Presented a paper in International Seminar on “Employee Relations Today & Tomorrow” titled “Impact of Organisation Culture on employee relations”. Organised by PG Dept of PM&IR,Utkal University, India from India 30th June &1stJuly,2018
  • Attended National Seminar on “Corporate Social Responsibility in India” organized by Department of PMIR, Utkal University, India on 09-10 May 2015.
  • Attended National Seminar on “Human Resources Management to Human Capital Management in a Paradigm Shift” organized by Department of PM&IR, Utkal University,India on 14-15 May 2016.



  • First class First (Hons) in Bachelor`of Arts In Fakir Mohan Autonomous College, Odisha, India.

[1]  Attended Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in “Pedagogical Excellence and Teaching Strategies”, From 22nd  Feb,2021, to 27 Feb.2021, at Centre Of Excellence In Human

Capital Development Utkal University,Bhubaneswar,India.
[2]  Attended Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in National Institute of Educational Planning And Adminstration (NIEPA) during March 02-06, 2020 at New Delhi.
[3]  Attended  Refresher Course in “UGC Sponsored Refresher course ”, From 5th Sept,2019, to 18th Sept.2019 at UGC,HRDC,Utkal University.
[4]  Workshop attended on “Systemic Literature Analysis with the aid of software toolson 2nd March,2019 organised by Dept of PM&IR ,Utkal University& Parameter softwares in

[5] Participated in UGC Sponsored short term course on “Stress Management” during 27th July to  25TH July 2017organised by UGC –Human Resource Development centre ,

Utkal University Vanivihar.
[6] UGC Sponsored or  Orientation Programme  attended from 18th August to 14THSept 017 . Organised by HRD centre,Utkal University,Vani vihar.
[7] Participated in the Faculty Development Programme on “Theory and Practice on Industrial and Labour Laws
        Organized by Dept. of PMIR, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar on 16-22 April 2016
[8] Participated in the ICSSR Sponsored Faculty Development Programme on “Capacity Building Workshop for Faculty
        Members of Management and Social Sciences (CBWFMSS-2016)” Organized by NIT, Rourkela on 17-29 Feb. 2016.
[9] Attended One Week Faculty Development Programme on “Teaching Skill Development” Organized by Academic Staff College, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar on 20-25 March 2015.
[10].Attended online “  MDP on Basic excel  to advanced excel’’ organised by Silicon City College of Management And Commerce, between july 17 to August15,2021(10 days)

(Bangalore University)[11]Attended online “ Management Development Programme on Research Methodology & Data Analysis’’ organised bySilicon City College of Management and

        Commerce,between Sept 4, to Oct 10,2021(10 Days)

Journal Reviewing: List of Journals.

 Professional /Administrative / Executive experience
  Administrative experience

  • Involvement of departmental administration
  • Working as faculty in charge of Seminar Library of the department. .
  • Appointed as a member in UPSC question setting committee.
  • Appointed as member in question moderation committee in B.J.B College,BBSR Odisha,India.
  • Worked as subject expert in P.G. Dissertation &viva-voce in different colleges/Universities
  • Worked as Assistant Superintendent of Gents Hostel –IV.
  • Working as faculty in-charge in Dept. Seminar Library.
  • Co-ordinator of students study tour to different industries.

Conference/Seminars organized

  • Organising member of the WB-OHEPEE sponsored National seminar   on “Unionism,Industrial relations & Management.Organised by Dept of PM&IR ,Utkal University.
  •  A member of  UGC sponsored national seminar  organising committee on Corporate Social responsibility in India on 18th and 19th nov,2017 Organised By Dept. of PM&IR Utkal University

Members of Academic Bodies / Professional Associations.

  • Permanent member of Indian Society for Training And Development(ISTD)
  • G Dept.of PM&IR,Utkal University,Odisha,India.
  • Member in Board of Studies in P.G in PM&IR ,Utkal University
  • Member in Board of Studies in P.G in PMIR in Bhadrak Autonomous Bhadrak,Odisha.
  • Member of Conducting Board in P.N Auto. College,Khorda VaniVihar, Bhubaneswar, August 23, 2021