It is noticed that the state government and national government launch various schemes for eradicating poverty and generating employment.  In many cases such schemes do not yield the desired results. Similarly, if a few schemes are successful, no systematic studies are done to assess the impacts of economy, society and environment.  There is a need to formulate standard framework for the implementation of government schemes. All government policies should be tested in a standard framework for maximising the chances of success. Similarly, after the implementation of schemes, government policies should be scrutinised in a standard framework for assessing the social, economic and environmental impacts.

For effective policy design and their implementation, there is an urgent need to do the scientific evaluation of the public policies before and after the implementation. At present impact assessments are carried out with the help of non-governmental organisations that lack adequate expertise.

In this context, Utkal University established a Centre of Excellence on Public Policy and Governance under RUSA 2.0 to carry out scientific evaluation of the public polices formulated and implemented by the state and national government.


To design, guide and facilitate the implementation of Sustainable Development plans in a participatory and multi-disciplinary framework


To advance the academic research for raising the living standard of the people through effective design of public policy in the state and country