PG Sociology Workshop/Seminar Details

Seminar/ Workshop

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“Workshop for Students On Social Surfing” 66 10.02.2016
 Workshop on Sociology of Sanitation :Pathway to Swachha Bharat Mission” 66 12.01.2017
“Workshop for Students On Social Surfing” 75 01.08.2017
 A Seminar On “Empowerment of Construction Worker: Addressing Rights, Dignity, Decent Work and Civil Society Concern” 30 20.02 2018
A Seminar on “Violence  Against Women and Protective Legislation” 103 12.03.2018
New Challenges of Critical and Creative Social Theorising and Global Transformation 34 13.04.2018
A Workshop on  Curriculum Development programme on Rural Management 40 11.04.2018 to 12.04.2018
 A Talk on “Social Networking and Gender Empowerment” 20 13.08.2018
A Talk on “Ageing and Health” 51 31.08.2018
A Seminar on “Tribal Displacement in Odosha.” 90 13.04.2019
A Talk on “Changing Urban Sociology in India Issues and Implications.” 34 23.07 2019
A Seminar on ” Indian Social Legislation: A Socio Legal Discourse.” 50 30.08.2019


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