PG Chemistry Achievements

  • Students :
    Name of the Student Nature of Award/Prizes
    Ms. Chirasmayee Mohanty Mahendra Rout Memoral Essay Competition of Orissa Chemical society: 2013 (2nd Prize), 2014 (1st Prize)
    Ms. Shradhanjali Nayak
    Ms. Aparmita Chand Governor Debate Competition
  • Faculty :
Name of the Faculty Awards/Recognition
Dr. P. K. Sahoo
  • Pathani Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award for outstanding research in Physical Sciences by Orissa Bigyan Academy (2010)
  • Dayanidhi Pattanaik Research Award of OCS (2009)
  • Vijay Gobind Memorial science Award & Gold Medal (2006)
Dr. N. Das
  • BOYSCAST Fellow
  • INSA Visiting Fellow
Dr. S.K. Badamali
  • BOYSCAST Fellow
  • Young Scientist Award by Chemical Research Society of India (2011).
  • Best poster award in “National seminar on Recent Advances in Material Science” in VSSUT Burla, Sambalpur, S. Barik and S. K. Badamali on Aug-2013
Dr. J. Dinda
  • National Science Council, NSC, Taiwan- Post Doctoral Research Fellowship, September 2004.
  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG, Germany-Post Doctoral Research Fellowship, Sept. 2005.
  • Ministry of Education and Culture, Spain – Post Doctoral research Fellowship, May, 2006.
  • Central National Research Scientific, CNRS, France – Post Doctoral research Fellowship, May 2007.
Dr. B.N. Patra
  • Post Doctoral Researcher, ENSCM, CNRS, France (Polymer Chemistry)
Dr. S.N. Pal
  • JSPS Japan (2005-2007)
  • Brain, Korea-21
Dr. A.K. Behera
  • Third National Award for Technology Innovation in Green Polymeric Materials and Products by DCPC, Govt. of India (2013).
  • Best poster award in International Conference on “Effect of nanoclay as reinforcement filler on the properties of jute composites” A. K. Behera, S. Avancha, R. K. Basak, R. K. Sen, and B. Adhikari, MACRO 2010, IIT Delhi, India.