Welcome to 5 Years Integrated Master in Computer Application

The 5-year Integrated Master in Computer Application was instituted in the year 1999 under the School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science & Applications. The course is designed with an integrated curriculum on computer application and information technology spanning 5 years. It is a Course that is a 5-year Full-time Program approved.  It’s aimed at grooming the software skills, enhancing the problem-solving capacity of students, and thus fulfilling the industry demands. The course is designed to meet up the demands of qualified professionals in the IT Industry. It is a computer science degree whose curriculum is largely based on the development of application software in diverse areas. The course describes an in-depth and extensive knowledge of computer applications. The course is intended to expose the students to various areas of computer applications to eliminate any gaps between industry and academia. The objective of this course is to generate strongly groomed software professionals by imparting intensive learning to the +2 level students. There are a total of 10 semesters and the entire Course covers almost all the computer Science subjects within these 10 semesters. Over the past few years, the Course has obtained significant achievement in building the carrier of the students and enabling them to opt for suitable carrier options in different fields of Computer Science. Over the years the subject has shown an enormous gain in information and applications owing to tremendous inputs from research in all its aspects. Because of the current scenario, the course will explore new scopes in the field of Computer Science and will also inspire students to pursue higher studies in Computer Science in various sectors like research, health, teaching professionals, etc. The course will also enable students for becoming an entrepreneur and to get employed in several sectors.


The vision of the institute is to provide quality higher education to the students, aspiring to develop a global perspective in Information Technology  and also to educate and groom students to get entry in Software Industry and to start/run own ventures with good business knowledge

  • To enhance the knowledge & skill of students in the field of computer science
  • With a wide range of individual activities policies and programmatic approaches to achieve positive changes in student attitude.
  • To sharpen the students’ practical knowledge.
  • To upgrade the student’s ability with advanced technologies.
  • To provide for job opportunities at different levels of Computer Application in the Software Industry.
  • Maintain equilibrium between Research and Academia.
  • To provide Industry Collaborative Education.
  • Providing a platform for students to share their ideas for creativity and professional development.
  • Providing basic foundations of different areas of Computer Applications.
  • Cultivating the students who have a keen interest in the area of Computer Science and to help them to start their career in their desired field by awarding them with the Masters’ Degree when they complete.
  • In addition to the syllabus, Institute ensures the development of the following skills:
  • Communication skills, Soft skills popularly known as Interview Skills.
  • Obtaining practical knowledge through seminars and projects
  • Exhaustive Industry / Services Organization Training


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1 5-Years IMCA Syllabus
Objectives & Outcomes
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2 IMCA Course Outcome

  • 2 IBM Servers.
  • Five Smart Class Rooms with interactive Projectors (ICT Facilitated).
  • One Library with an attached reading room.
  • About 7000 Textbooks and Reference Books
  • Internet facilities for both staff and students
  • Two office rooms
  • One Faculty Room for faculties
  • One Course Coordinator room


  • Two Computer Laboratories with120 Corei7 Desktop Computers with internet Facilities.

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