About the Course (I.M.B.A)

The 5-Year IMBA Programme was instituted in the year 1999 under the Dept. of Business Administration to provide more in-depth knowledge to the students of Management programme. It is a dual degree programme with entry level qualification as Higher Secondary education. The programme is in demand since its inception and the students get placed in good corporate houses including some of them have proved themselves to be successful entrepreneurs. The programme was first of its kind in Odisha has achieved many mile stones. It  is the largest revenue earner in the University with highest number of students. The programme is managed as per the guidelines of the University with the Course Coordinator as the head supported by Co-Coordinator and six qualified faculty members, which are mentioned below.

Year of Establishment:

Historical Background of the Course: The University, by virtue of the powers vested in it under section 3(5)(a), 12(2)(d) of the Orissa Universities Act, 1989 and under the statute 252 (4)(g) of the Orissa Universities First Statutes, 1990 read with Statute 23, has instituted courses to be offered to eligible students under P.G. Council of the University and the Constituent Colleges of the University. Such courses are called “SPONSORED COURSES”. A Sponsored Course shall, unless otherwise specified, be managed under the administrative control of a Post-Graduate Department. The year of Establishment of IMBA programme was 1999 under the control of Department of Business Administration  and the course duration is five  years with provision for award of a degree of B.B.A. (Hons.) and distinction after completion of three year and passed in single attempt. MBA Degree will be awarded after completion of five year.


Providing quality Management Education at affordable cost and to position as a premier B-School in the Country


  • To build effective managers & professionals by nurturing their talents and skills
  • To promote innovation & entrepreneurship
  • To provide higher education accessible to all.
  • To enable better learning through experiential pedagogy


Empowerment for Excellence


  • Integrity, professional ethics, team spirit, empathy, respect


  • To be a centre of excellence by encouraging high-quality distinctive , impactful teaching, and meaningful contribution to knowledge-creation by enable better learning through experiential pedagogy  in a variety of disciplines for creating a progressive and sustainable impact on society.
  • Supported by a culture of professional ethics , creativity and collaboration amongst its faculty members, alumni, staff and students.
  • Impacting value added knowledge through continuous engagement with Alumni
  • To create a place of knowledge creation for the students beyond text books.
  • As the Programme engages in its objectives, it will ensure that its research and teaching activities to update  in diverse areas by the teachers