Dr. Pallabi Mishra
Name: Dr. Pallabi Mishra
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc, MBA, PGJMC, Ph.D
Phone No.: 9437133190
E-mail ID: pallabi.iitkgp@gmail.com
Utkal University May. 2016–present Assistant Professor Reader
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Ph.D.
Vinod Gupta School of Management Studies
Utkal University MBA, MSc
  • Edited Books :
  • Text Books :
  • Book Chapters :
  • “Service quality of nationalized banks: A SERVQUAL approach”, Issues and Challenges in Business Management, Himalaya Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-923066-8-1.2016
  • “Adoption and Depreciation of Non-life insurance in India- A study over Pre and post reform period”, edited book Insurance sector in India, Way forward Kunal Books New Delhi ISBN 978-81-932322-1-7 pp-267-291.2016
  • “Novelty and Challenges of Modern retail in rural India”, Novelty and Challenges in Management for change, Enkay publications. ISBN 978-81-923066-8-1.2015
  • “Product and brand management”, SM publications.2008.
  • Research Books :
Department Of Business Administration, Utkal University.
Duties:taught recitations, held office hours, graded exams
2016 to 2021

Invited lectures:

  • Lecture on “Engaging students in online classes” organized by Ravenshaw University, 2021.
  • Lecture on “Business Strategy and Marketing in the changing Business Scenario” organised, Utkal University, 2017.
  • Lecture on “Personality development”, Ravenshaw University, 2016.
  • Mishra, P and Dash.D. “Effect of service quality on brand sustainability: tourists’ experience of three star hotels”, 4th International scientific conference TOURMAN 2021, restarting tourism, travel and hospitality: the day after, International Hellenic university, Thessaloniki, Greece. May 21-23, 2021.
  • Mohanty, V and Mishra, P “Role of sentiment analysis on e-buying behavior of youth-A study to identify the impact of reviews on the purchasing decisions of the young generation.”  National conference on Digital Transformation & innovation in Indian economy, Department of Commerce (School of commerce and management), Ravenshaw University. February 23-24, 2020.
  • Mishra, P.  Chhatoi, B. P “Strategic innovations- ways of leveraging Customer acquisition and retention ”  National conference on Digital Business Transformation in India, Global institute of Management. Bhubaneswar. January 10-11, 2020.

Book Articles (Authored/Edited)

  • Mishra P. And Dash, D. Contributing effects of vermicompost on soil health and farmers’ socio-economic sustainability”, Trends of Agricultural Microbiology for Sustainable Crops Production and Economy,2021 Elsevier.
  • Chhatoi, B. P, Mishra, P and Sahoo, S “Sustainable Social Independence: Microfinance Experience” Resource Efficiency, Sustainability, and Globalization Exploring India-European Union Cooperation, 2020, Hard ISBN: 9781771889599. Apple Academic Press (Taylor and Francis)151-172
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  • Chhatoi, B. P and Mishra, P “Enhancing economic sustainability through Microcredit: An analysis over different activity, Sustainability: Inspiration, Innovation and Inclusion, Emerald, 177-196. 2017. ISBN: 978-1-78635-414-3


Journal Articles

  • Swain, C. Mishra, P. and Kanungo, S “Social indicators indicating sustainability of Joint Liability Groups”, International Journal of engineering Technology Research and Management 5 (8), 120-125, ISSN: 2456-9348. SJIF:5.004.
  • Swain, C. Mishra, P. and Kanungo, S “Role of Joint Liability Group on Sustainable Livelihood-With Special Reference to Jlgs Members in Westernodisha”, Journal of research in Business and Management 9 (8), 30-38, ISSN: 2347-3002. SJIF:5.89.
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Refereed Conference Publications

  • Mishra, P. “Strategies for acquiring and retaining customers on online podium”, Rebuilding sustainable economy post COVID, Sristi Academy of Management Studies.2021 ISBN: 978-93-5445-717-3, 147-159
  • Mishra, P. and Chhatoi, B. P “Agriculture marketing challenges: hurdles in sustainable rural development, Articles on transforming rural India- mission 2030, 2019, ISBN: 978-93-5382-804-2, 171-180.
  • Attendee of Refresher Course in “Research Methodology in Social Science”, From 11thDec 2021 to 24th Dec 2021 atHRDC, Utkal University.
  • Attendee of Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in “Analysis  of categorical data”, 8tht-12th Nov 2021.
  • Attendee of Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in “Application of Econometrics for Management Research”, 3rd-7th Aug 2020.
  • Attendee of Faculty Development Programme (FDP) in “Contemporary topics in Marketing”, From 14th-19th Dec 2020 .
  • Attendee of Refresher Course in “Research Methodology in Social Science”, From 5th Sep  to 18th Sep 2021 atHRDC, Utkal University.
  • Journal Reviewing: List of Journals.
  • Journal  of Brand Management
  • Journal of Retailing and Consumer services
  • Research journal of business management
  •  Asian journal of marketing
Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Topic of PhD Thesis
1 Ritika Rani Sharma Cont. Impact of content and cost in driving subscription revenue for OTT services in India



2 Chandan Swain Submitted Impact of economic development on sustainability of members of joint liability grouo: A study on selected districts of Odisha
3 Himanshu Mishra Cont. A study on the effectiveness of distribution channels for selected FMCG products in rural Odisha
4 Srutishree Nayak Cont. A study on service quality, brand equity, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in restaurants of Odisha
5 Lopamudra Panda Cont. Performance measurement in social enterprises-a study of selected organisations