Dr. Asima Ranjan Parhi
Name: Dr. Asima Ranjan Parhi
Designation: Professor & Head
Qualification: MA, M. Phil, Ph. D
Phone No.: 9436049121
E-mail ID: asim.parhi@gmail.com
Utkal University 1 February  2016 – present Professor
Rajiv Gandhi (Central)  University, Arunachal Pradesh 22 August 2008 – 30 January 2016 Assistant Professor (22.8.2008-31.08.2008) , Associate Professor(1.9.2008-31.8.2011) and Professor (1.9.2011-22.05.2014)(CAS) and (23.05.2014- 30.01.2016)(Substantive)
Indira Gandhi Govt. (Degree) College, Arunachal Pradesh 10 October  1994-21 August 2008 Lecturer, all stages included (10.10.1994- 5.6.2007), Reader (6.6.2007-2.9.2007), Associate Professor (3.9.2007-21.8.2008)
Utkal University 1997-2004 Ph.D.
Department: English
Thesis Title: A Comprehensive Study of Indian English and the Contribution of Newspapers to its Growth
Areas: Linguistics and ELT
Advisor: Dr. Umesh Prasad Pattanaik
Utkal University 1992-1993 M.Phil
Department: English
Thesis Title: Teaching Vocabulary in English at the Secondary Level in Orissa
Areas: English Language Teaching
Advisor: Dr. Tapas Shankar Ray
Department of English
Utkal University 1989-1991 M.A
Department: English
Linguistics and ELT
Utkal University 1986-1989 B.A
Department: English, Ravenshaw College Hons: English
Utkal University 1 February  2016 – present</em Professor
Rajiv Gandhi (Central)  University, Arunachal Pradesh 22 August 2008 – 30 January 2016 Assistant Professor (22.8.2008-31.08.2008) , Associate Professor(1.9.2008-31.8.2011) and Professor (1.9.2011-22.05.2014)(CAS) and (23.05.2014- 30.01.2016)(Substantive)
Indira Gandhi Govt. (Degree) College, Arunachal Pradesh 10 October  1994-21 August 2008 Lecturer, all stages included (10.10.1994- 5.6.2007), Reader (6.6.2007-2.9.2007), Associate Professor (3.9.2007-21.8.2008)
Course Name- British Literature (Core 1-10)

Department of English, Utkal University

Texts: King Lear, Odes of John Keats, Women in Love, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Poetry of W.B Yeats, Poetry of Baudelaire and Neruda, The Karamazov Brothers, Linguistics and ELT, Literary Theory

 Course Name- Core Elective-American Literature (CE 1)

Texts: The Sound and the Fury, Poetry of Wallace Stevens, Moby Dick

Allied Elective- History of English Literature (AE- 2), Children’s Literature

Free Elective-Travel Narratives (FE 5)

Travel Narratives relating to Western Travellers to India and Odisha
M.Phil and Ph.D Course Work:
Research Methodology and Theoretical Essays

Selected Invited lectures:

  • Sri B.B Mahavidyalaya, Department of English, Resource Person’s lecture on the same theme of the National Webinar on ‘English Language in India: Problems and Prospects’, 2021.
  • Paradip College, Department of English, 2020, FDP organized on ‘Research in Humanities’
  • Pondicherry University, Department of English, 2020, talk on the Hindi translation of the long Poem Sita by D. Mali
  • Rajiv Gandhi University, Department of English, 2020, Resource Person’s talk titled ‘Literary Innocence or Theoretical Complacence?’at the Online Faculty Development Programme (Theme- Literary Theory and Contemporary Trajectories)
  • Utkal University, 2018, two lectures on linguistics and culture at Refresher course in Linguistics.
  • Allahabad University, Refresher course at HRDC, 2018, two lectures titled ‘The Narrative of the mass media: The English language in India and Pedagogy’ and ‘The Native and the Captive in Theory Revolution: The East and the West’.
  • Guru Ghasidas University, Department of English, 2017, two lectures titled ‘Translation and World Literature’ to the participants of Refresher course in English
  • English and Foreign Languages University, Lucknow, Department of English, 2017, delivered two lectures on ‘World literature and its Periphery’ as a resource person.

PhD thesis

[1] Asima Ranjan Parhi, A Comprehensive Study of Indian English and the Contribution of Newspapers to its Growth”

Departmental Research Committee: Prof. Jatindra Kumar Nayak (chairperson), Dr. Umesh Prasad Pattanaik (Guide), Utkal University, 2004.

Select Book Articles (Authored/Edited)

  • ‘Localising the Alien: Newspaper English and the Indian Classroom’ in English Studies in India: Contemporary and Evolving Paradigms. eds. B. Mahanta and R. B. Sharma, Singapore: Springer, ISBN-978-981-13-1525-1, 2019.https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-981-13-1525-1_18
  • ‘Representation of Children and Environment in Bira Kishore Parhi’s Poetry’ in Dynamics of Children’s Literature. eds. N. Sahu and S.Samtani, Subhi Publications, New Delhi, ISBN-13-9788182904170, 2017.
  • ‘English in Indian Mass Media: Reservoir for Curricular Invasion’ in Critical Theory and Practice in 21st Century, eds. R. Brahma et al. Creative Books, New Delhi, ISBN- 978-81-8043-104-3, 2013.
  • ‘Recovering, Reshaping and Relocating the Queen’s Tongue: Emergent India, New English and the Print Media’ in English Language Teaching: New Perspectives, Ed. A.Kumar, Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi, ISBN-978-81-906622-8-4, 2011.
  • ‘Post Structuralist Theories, Black and Undergraduate Teaching in India’ in Postcolonial Imaginings: Fissions and Fusions, Ed. Sunita Sinha, Atlantic Publishers, New Delhi, ISBN-978-81-269-1092-2, 2009.
  • ‘The Religion of Self and Impersonality: Revisiting Shelley, Hardy and Lawrence’ in Reassessing British Literature (Vol. II), Ed. S.K Paul and A.N Prasad, Sarup and Sons, New Delhi, ISBN-978-81-7625-879-1, 2008.
  • ‘From Appropriation to Decolonisation of the English Language in India’, Utkal : The Land of Excellence. Ed. U Padhi, Institute of Media Studies, Utkal University, 2023.pp.72-81. ISBN-978-93-5813-783-5.
  • ‘Literature and Philosophy’, Translation of Bipin Behari Ray’s essay Sahityare Darshana. Critical Discourse in Odisha, Ed. J K Nayak and A Mohapatra, Routledge, 2021.ISBN-9781000470468.

Books (Authored/Edited)

  • Makers of Modern Indian Literature: Rajkishore Pattnaik, Sahitya Akademi, 2020. ISBN-978-93-90310-10-4.
  • Literature and Art of Communication(co-edited), Cambridge University Press, ISBN- 13-9781108816625,
  • Asim Ranjan Parhi, S. Deepika, Pulastya Jani, The Widening Arc, English, Kitab Bhavan, ISBN No. 81-88630-90-X, 2016.
  • Parhi, Asima Ranjan, Indian English through Newspapers, Concept Publications, New Delhi, ISBN-81-8069-507-7, 2008.

Select Journal Articles

  • .‘Indian Epics and the helpless Shakespearean tragic hero: Masculinity at Crisis’, Journal of Literary Studies (JLS, Peer Reviewed), Vol.25, March 2022.pp.214-231. (Invited, commissioned)
  • ‘Endangerment and Vitality of Juang Language’, (Joint from RUSA-II Centre for Language, Literature and Culture, Utkal university), ADIVASI. An Odisha Government Journal of SCSTRTI, Vol. 62. No. 2, December 2022.
  • A Review of Carry on Ms Caretaker by LipipuspaNayak. Vanguard Press, Indian Literature (Nov.-Dec.2022), SahityaAkademi(Journal of Repute and UGC Care listed), ISSN-0019580-4,page 190-192.
  • ‘The Folklore of Liangmai: An Analysis of Its Cultural Significance’ (Joint with Kailadbou Daimai), Asian Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (Peer Reviewed).Ed. S.Goksoy,Vol.4, Issue-3, page 13-21.[X(X): XX-XX, 2021; Article no.AJL b 2C.66851]. 12 April 2021 https://journalajl2c.com/index.php/AJL2C/article/view/30149
  • Translating Form over Lexis: A Study through Select Odia Poetry in English Translation’ (Joint with Madhumita Nayak), Translation Today (CIIL, Mysuru, UGC CARE, Double Blind Peer Reviewed and Indexed) Vol.15, Issue2, Uploaded on website on1 February 2021. ISSN-0972-8740. DOI: 10.46623/tt/2021.15.2.ed
  • Parhi, Asim Ranjan, ¨The English Language in India: From Racial-Colonial to Democratic ”, EJBS (The European Journal of Behavioural Sciences) 3 (1): 8-16, ISSN 2538-807X, 2020. View
  • ‘A Study of Women & Social Movements in North-East India’ (Joint with Padmalaya Mohapatra), Local Government Quarterly, All India Institute of Local Self-Government, Vol.-XC, No.3, July-Sept 2020, pp-36-51. ISSN-0024-5623 https://www.aiilsg.org/pdf/Local%20Government%20Quarterly%20July%20-%20Sept%202020%20%20new.pdf
  • ‘Temple in Ruins’, translation of Sachidananda Routray’s ‘BhangaMandira’ into English, Muse India, Monsoon, Feature-‘Tradition and Modernity in Odia Literature’, Ed. Sachidananda Mohanty, issue-92, July-August 2020, ISSN-0975-1815. (Journal of Repute) https://museindia.com/Home/AuthorContentDataView
  • Amrita Smarane’, Kadambini, September 2019, translation of Sitakanta Mohapatra’s essay ‘Remembering Amrita’ into Odia. https://kalingatv.com/miscellany/august-2019-issue-of-kadambini-features-beauty-queen-kalpasa-ankita/
  • Parhi, Asim Ranjan, ‘Elitist Bohemian or Privately Rebellious? The love lyrics of Charles Baudelaire’, OAES (Odisha Association of English Studies), Vol.IX, Issue-1, ISSN-2249-6726, 2019. https://www.univ-bechar.dz/these/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Odisha-Journal.pdf
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Select Review and Citation

A book of poems Of Sons and Father has been reviewed in a number of journals. A Few are cited here.

  • Ajanta Dutt in Indian Literature, July-August 2022,SahityaAkademi, New Delhi (UGC CARE). ISSN-0019580-4, page, 180-182.
  • Mridul Bordoloi, Dibrugarh University Journal of English Studies (UGC CARE), June 2023.Pg.89-98.

International Journal of English Literature (IJEL)(2012),

Journal of Media and Communication Studies (JMCS),


  1. Juri Dutta, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University) – “A Comprehensive Study of Authentic Texts as Prospective Material in English Language Teaching at Higher Education Level”, 2018.
    • Currently working as Guest Asst. Prof. of English at North Lakhimpur College, Lakhimpur, Assam.
  2. Harini Patowary Das, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University) – “A Study of Environmental Imagination and The Growth of Eco- Conscious Children’s Fiction in English in India”, 2018.
    • Currently working as Asst. Prof. of English, Commerce College, Lakhimpur, Assam.
  3. Mie Dirchi, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University)- “Identity Constructions: A Study of Select Northeast Women Writers”, 2018.
    • Currently working as Asst. Prof. of English at Doimukh Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh.
  4. Manu Bhujel, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University) – “Representations of Adolescence of Youth in Select Novels of Amitav Ghosh, Upmanyu Chatterjee and Chetan Bhagat”, 2018.
    • Currently Asst. Prof. at a private college in Assam.
  5. Doi Ette, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University) – “Rewriting the Nigerian Civil War: A Study of Select Novels of Nigerian Women Writers”, 2018.
    • Currently Assistant Professor at Himalayan University, Arunachal Pradesh.
  6. Jitumoni Dutta, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University) – “Awakenings: A Study of the Life Writings of Select Spiritual Seekers”, 2018.
    • Currently Asst. Prof. at a private college in Assam.
  7. Indrani Gogoi, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University) – “Representation of the Multicultural in the Novels of Jhumpa Lahiri and Sunetra Gupta”, 2017
    • Currently Associate Professor, Govt. of Assam.
  1. Bidyut Lochan Behera, Ph.D candidate, (Rajiv Gandhi University)- “Representation of Masculinity in the Select Novels of Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad”, 2013.
  • Currently works as Associate Professor, D.N Govt. College, Arunachal Pradesh.
  1. Monalisa Mishra, Ph.D candidate, (Utkal University)- “Jewishness in New Testament: Special Reference to King James’s Version”. 2020.
  • Currently Asst. Prof., Govt. of Odisha.
  1. Pravamayee Samantaray, Ph.D candidate, (Utkal University)- “A Translation of Basant Kumar Pattnayak’s Amada Bata (The Untrodden Track) with a Critical Introduction”, 2021.
  • Currently working as Asst. Prof. of English at Kendrapada Autonomous College, Odisha.

Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar, August 28, 2021


  • Paper-‘English Language in India: From Racial, Colonial to Democratic’ presented at the International Conference on Modern Approaches in Humanities, Italian Institute of Oriental Studies, Sapienza Universita Roma, Rome, Italy, 2020.
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  • Paper- ‘Language Literature Interface: A Study of Translated and Creative Indian Poetry in English’, Seminar at JMI, New Delhi, Refresher Course, 2003.
  • Associate at Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (IIAS), Rashtrapati Nivas (2005-2008)


Of Sons and Fathers, An Anthology of Poems, Pakhshighara Prakashanee, Bhubaneswar,2022.


Gopinath Mohanty: The Man and his Creations, Sahitya Akademi 2022.


Reviewer, Translation today, CIIL, Mysuru

Member, Forum on Contemporary Theory, Badodara, India.