Course Curriculum(M.E.D)

1stSemesterPaper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Introduction to Study of EducationPC- I80 HoursDr. K.M Mishra
A. Kumari
Philosophical Perspective of EducationPC- II80 HoursG.Kumar,A.Kumari
Psychology Of Learning and DevelopmentPC- III80 HoursR.N.Mandal,A.Kumari
Perspective in Teacher EducationTEC- I80 HoursR.N.Mandal,A.Kumari
ICT In EducationTC- III40 HoursG.Kumar
Self-DevelopmentTC-IV40 HoursA.Kumari
2nd SemesterPaper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Sociological Perspective of EducationPC- IV80 Hours
Historical, Political and Economic Perspective of EducationPC- V80 Hours
Curriculum StudiesPC- VI80 Hours
Introduction to Research MethodsTC- I80 Hours
Internship in Teacher EducationIFA- I128 Hours
3rd SemesterPaper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Advance Research MethodsTC- II80 Hours
Elementary EducationCSC- I80 Hours
Secondary EducationCSC- II80 Hours
Communication and Expository WritingTC- V40 Hours
Inclusive EducationTC- VI40 Hours
4th SemesterPaper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Issues and Research in Teacher EducationTEC- II80 Hours
Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment
Economics of Education Policies and Planning in Education
Educational Management and Leadership
Educational Technology and ICT (P- I & II)
80 Hours each
Internship in SpecializationIFA- II128 Hours
Dissertation Related Work128 Hours