About The Course (M. A. Women’s Studies )

About The Course

Sponsoring P. G. Department: School of Women’s Studies

Year of Establishment: 1999

Historical Background of the Course:

The school of women’s studies was established in the year 1996. P.G diploma programmed was introduced in Women’s studies in 1997. M.A. in Women’s Studies since 2000 an Ph.D in Women’s Studies from 2002 have been continuing. It received UGC recognition in 1999 as the first state centre for Women’s Studies engaged in research, training, teaching and advocacy for women’s development in the state of Odisha. Since then it is continuing as a UGC centre receiving UGC grants in successive Five year plans and phase manner.

  • To enhance knowledge base of Gender Studies by networking with partners in the field

of women’s development.

  • To assist in the change of the existing environment to include women’s visions and needs by bringing together scholars, activists and agencies involved in this process of change.
  • To conduct policy and action research on gender studies through clustering as well as teaching and training programme.
  • To ensure equity and inclusiveness for the social structure.
  • To meet the challenges like consolidation, developing interdisciplinary approaches for evolving new strategies.

We aim to empower women as well as men to take control of their own life and to sensitize students to social distinctions based on gender, race,ethnicity, social classes, creed etc to create a harmonious atmosphere in the society.