Course Curriculum-IMBA

Semester-1Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Business Organization and Management10140 Hours Dr. Ansuman Sahoo
English Language and Literature10240 Hours Dr. Sachidananda Panda
Business Mathematics and Statistics10340 Hours Dr.D.Jena
Financial Accounting for Managers10440 Hours Dr.Ajit Kumar Mishra
Semester-2Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Business Economics20140 Hours Dr. A.R.Behera
Principles and Practice of Management20240 Hours Mrs. M.M.Nayak
Cost and Management Accounting20340 Hours Dr.Ajit Kumar Mishra
Managerial Computing20440 Hours Dr.Ssabyasachi Das
Semester-3Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Principles of Banking and Insurance30140 Hours Dr. Ansuman Sahoo
Psychology for Management30240 Hours Mrs. T Mohapatra
Business Ethics and Corporate Governance30340 Hours Dr. P.K.Guru
Legal Aspects of Management30440 Hours Dr.Ssabyasachi Das
Communicative English30540 Hours Mr. Monaranjan Rath
Semester-4Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Financial Management40140 Hours Dr.Ajit Kumar Mishra
Marketing Management40240 Hours Dr. (Mrs.)Manjusmita Dash
Human Resources Management40340 Hours Dr. S.K. Acharya
Operations Management40440 Hours Dr. S K. Pattanaik
Environmental Studies40540 Hours Mrs.I.Padhi
Semester-5Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Organizational Behavior50140 Hours Dr. (Mrs) J.Choudhury.
Financial Markets and Institutions50240 Hours Dr.Ajit Kumar Mishra
Advertisement and Sales Promotion50340 Hours Dr. (Mrs.)Manjusmita Dash
Management Information System50440 Hours Dr.Ssabyasachi Das
Organizational Change and Development50540 Hours Mrs. M.M.Nayak
Semester-6Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management60140 HoursDr. Ansuman Sahoo
Business Research Methods60240 HoursMr.Abhijit Mohanty
Indian Society and Culture60340 HoursDr. Sujata Sahoo
E – Business60440 HoursDr.Ssabyasachi Das
Dissertation and Viva- Voce60540 HoursProf.B.B.Mishra
Semester-7Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Economic Analysis for Decision Making70140 HoursDr. Alok Ranjan Behera
Business Environment and Sustainable Development70240 HoursCS. M. Pradhan
International Trade and Business70340 HoursCA. P.R.Parhi
Human Resources Planning and Development70440 HoursDr. (Mrs) J.Choudhury.
Financial Accounting for Decision Making70540 HoursDr.A.K.Mishra
Statistical Methods for Data Analysis70640 HoursDr. P. K. Swain
Relational Database Management System70740 HoursDr.Ssabyasachi Das
B2B Marketing70840 HoursMr.Abhijit Mohanty
Semester-8Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Operation Research80140 HoursDr.P.K.Mohanty
Enterprise Resource Planning80240 HoursDr.Ssabyasachi Das
Retail Management80340 HoursDr.A.Nanda
Strategic Financial Management80440 HoursProf. S.R. Mohapatra
Working Capital Policies and StrategiesFM-80540 HoursDr. Ansuman Sahoo
Merchant Banking and Financial ServicesFM-80640 HoursDr.Ajit Kumar Mishra
Consumer BehaviorMM-80540 HoursDr. (Mrs.)Manjusmita Dash
Sales and Distribution ManagementMM-80640 HoursDr. Saraju Prasad
Compensation ManagementHRM-80540 HoursDr. (Mrs) J.Choudhury
Industrial RelationsHRM-80640 HoursMrs. M.M.Nayak
Service Operations ManagementOM-80540 HoursNot Offered
Supply Chain ManagementOM-80640 HoursNot Offered
Object Oriented Modeling and DesignSYS-80540 HoursDr. M.R.Dash
Data CommunicationsSYS-80640 HoursDr. P.Pradhan
Semester-9Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Business Policy and Strategic Management90140 HoursDr.Amitav Nanda
Project Management90240 HoursDr. P.K.Guru
Summer Training Report , Presentation and Viva-Voce9034-6 WEEKS
Investment Analysis and Equity ResearchFM-90440 HoursDr. Ansuman Sahoo
Financial Derivatives and Risk ManagementFM-90540 HoursDr.B.R. Mishra
Product and Brand ManagementMM-90440 HoursMr.Abhijit Mohanty
Service MarketingMM-90540 HoursDr. (Mrs.)Manjusmita Dash
Managing Employee Relations and Related LawsHRM-90440 HoursMrs. M.M.Nayak
Performance ManagementHRM-90540 HoursDr. (Mrs) J.Choudhury
Advanced Operations ResearchOM-90440 HoursNot Offered
Technology ManagementOM-90540 HoursNot Offered
Software EngineeringSYS-90440 HoursDr. Pandab Pradhan
Information Security and Cyber LawSYS-90540 HoursMr.Om Prakash Jena
Semester-10Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Corporate Tax Planning and Management100140 HoursCA. P.R.Parhi
System Analysis and Design100240 HoursDr. M.R.Dash
Dissertation Presentation and Viva –Voce10034-6 WEEKS
Mutual Fund and Portfolio ManagementFM-100440 HoursDr. Ansuman Sahoo
International FinanceFM-100540 HoursDr.B.R. Mishra
Rural and Agricultural MarketingMM-100440 HoursDr. (Mrs.)Manjusmita Dash
International MarketingMM-100540 HoursMr.Abhijit Mohanty
Management of Training and DevelopmentHRM-100440 HoursMrs. M.M.Nayak
International Human Resource ManagementHRM-100540 HoursDr. (Mrs) J.Choudhury
Purchasing and Materials ManagementOM-100440 HoursNot Offered
Total Quality ManagementOM-100540 HoursNot Offered
Advanced Data Base Management SystemSYS-100440 HoursNot Offered
Networking ManagementSYS-100540 HoursNot Offered