Centre of Excellence in Studies on Tribal and Marginalized Communities (CoE in STMC) was established in 2018, in Utkal University, under the World Bank program for Odisha Higher Education Program for Excellence and Equity (WB-OHEPEE) and became operation in March 2019,

Organizational Set up

Coordinator: Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patra, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Prof. Kamal K. Misra, Formerly Vice Chancellor, Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Faculty Associated:
Prof. Mitali Chinara, Professor of Economics (Utkal University)
Dr. Sagar K. Mishra, Assistant Professor of Pharmacy (UDPS, Utkal University)
Dr. Ramesh K. Mallik, Assistant Professor of Odia (Utkal University)
Ms. Lucy Hembram, Asst Professor of Psychology (Utkal University)
Ms. Sasmita Soren, Asst Professor of Sociology (Utkal University)

Prof. Kunja Bihari Satapathy (Professor of Botany, Centuarian University, BBSR)
Dr. Subhendu Acharya (Scientist C, RMRC-ICMR, Bhubaneswar)
Dr. Mihir Kumar Jena (Domain Expert, SCSTRTI, Bhubaneswar)
Dr. P.K.Mohapatra, Psychiatric, KIMS, Bhubaneswar

Objectives and deliverable:

(a) Study on socio-economic profile & ethnographic account of tangible and intangible cultural heritages of 13 Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs), and to document their dying heritages.

(b) To make a critical study of Nutritional Health and Maternal & Child Health, status of the PVTGs.

(c) Based on ethno-healing practices, to prepare an inventory of ethno-medicinal plants and to undertake their pharmacological characterization study


SCSTRTI (Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribe Research Institute), Bhubaneswar (Dr. Mihir Kumar Jena, Tribal Ecology & Health)

RMRC-ICMR (Dr. Subhendu Acharya, Nutritional Health)

Centurian University (Prof. K.B. Satapathy, Ethno-Botany)

KIMS (Dr. Pranab Kumar Mohapatra, Mental Health)


Major Goals Target Areas Achievements so far Status / Remarks / Intended outcome
Goal-1 Socio-economic  Profile Data collection from 950 HHs from 4 PVTGs completed, 2 continuing – Data collection continuing. – Databank will be generated
Intangible cultural heritage (Eg. folktales) Data collection on Folktales is going on through MLE teachers & first generation community writers -First round of discussion with potential community writers identified. Data collection continuing.
Goal-2 Nutritional Health Anthropometric measurements & Food intake from more than 1800 individuals completed Data from only 1 PVTG (i.e. Juang) has been analyzed & Research articles developed. (2 articles published, 3 under review)
Maternal & Child Health (MCH) 500 ever-married PVTG women interviewed Data collection on fertility, mortality, adolescent health & hygiene, breast feeding, family planning, menopause etc. cont…
Goal-3 Ethno-medicinal & Pharmacological study -Health Seeking Behaviour from nearly 700 HHs. – Nearly 30 shamans/ medicine men interviewed Inventory for 1 PVTG prepared. Data collection on others continuing… (1 article published)

Outcomes achieved/expected

4 articles already published in peer-reviewed journals, including one international journal (having ISSN number but no IF/Scopus/WoS)

1 article accepted by a journal with ISSN number but no IF .

3 articles under active review with journals having Scopus and IF

A book volume (with 12 draft articles) has been planned and draft 70 % finished, publishers being negotiated

2 PhD scholar affiliated with CoE

A Free Elective course on “Tribal Studies in India” has been developed, will be offered from 2022-23 academic session.

Way forward/Future work:

By December 2021   Up to March 2022 Up to September 2022
(a) Completion of fieldwork data collection among 3 PVTGs (Kutia Kondha in Phulbani, Dongria Kondha in Rayagada and Lodha in Mayurbhanj) (a) Completion of fieldwork data collection among 2 PVTGs (Paudi Bhuiyan and Mankrdia/Birhor in Mayurbhanj). (b) Data entry and analysis of fieldwork based data collection on stated research objectives and plan. (c) Preparation of at least two draft articles for publication. (d) Holding of a workshop on scientific paper writing on issues relating to tribal culture, society and health. (e) Completion of draft of a book, covering multiple (around 12) chapters for a book, based on first round of data on Juang tribe. (f) Completion of tender process to procure lab equipment, consumables, furniture etc. (a) Completion of the two draft articles developed in previous quarter, to be sent for publication. (b) Research theme-wise brain-storming workshops leading to writing of research articles i.e. at least 5 articles, one each on themes such as socio-economic profile, maternal child health, nutritional health & food, health seeking behavior and language. (c) Planning and conduct of next round of fieldwork among the remaining PVTGs. (c) Offering of free elective course (credit course) to PG students of Utkal University.