Faculty of different departments and others have been assigned as the Coordinators, Deputy Coordinators and Co-coordinators for Institutional Development Plan (IDP), CoEs, International office, and Strengthening Affiliated Colleges for smooth functioning.

Components Coordinators Co-/Deputy coordinators
Institutional Development Plan


Prof. Nigamananda Das Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patra

(Up to 30/05/2021)

Dr.   Priyaranjan Dash

CoE in Integrated Omics and Computational Biology Prof. Jagneshwar Dandapat Dr. Gunanidhi Sahoo
CoE in Tribal and Marginalized Communities


Dr. Prasanna Kumar Patra Prof. Mitali Chinara
CoE in Human Capital Development


Prof. Santosh Kumar Tripathy (Up to 30/05/2021)

Prof. Mitali Chinara

Dr. Alok Ranjan Behera

Dr. Madhuchanda


International office of Utkal University


Prof. Sabita Acharya

(Up to 30/04/2020)

Prof. Asim Ranjan Parhi

Dr. Seema Mallik

Dr. Swapna Prabhu

Strengthening Affiliated Colleges (SAC) Director, College Development Council and

Controller of Examinations