Professor (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Mitra
Name: Professor (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Mitra
Designation: Professor (Retired)
Qualification: Ph. D.
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Professor (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Mitra has served as professor of Economics in the department of Analytical and Applied Economics of Utkal University for more than a decade. He received PhD Degree in Economics from Utkal University in August, 1981 under the supervision of Dr. Bidyadhar Misha and Dr. Baidyanath Misra for his research work on “A study of Regional Demand and Supply of Food Grains in India in Post Independence Period”. He had participated and contributed research articles in more than 100 seminars and workshops both at national and international level. He had also published more than 15 books in Economics and more than 100 articles in national and international journals.

Professor (Dr.) Ajit Kumar Mitra was born on 3rd July 1937 at Kathagada Sahi, Cuttack. He had distinguished academic career with Master Degrees in Economics and Political Science and Pre-doctoral Diploma in Social Science and Research Methodology. His quest for learning made him to collect a good number of books, journals and reports in Economics and other social sciences which has been preserved at the library of Council of Analytical Tribal Studies (COATS), Koraput in “Prof. Kumar Mitra Memorial Gallery”. He passed away from this mortal world on 8th December, 2004.