Dr. Susanta Kumar Sahu
Name: Dr. Susanta Kumar Sahu
Designation: Reader & HEAD
Qualification: Ph.D, D.Sc, M.Phrama, B.Pharma
Phone No.:
E-mail ID: tutu_kh@yahoo.com
University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utkal University November2001-present
June 2011 to May 2013
August 2015 to May 2017
June 2019 to Septmber2021
Reader and Head
Reader and Head
Reader and Head
Asmara College of Health Science,(Asmara University), Govt of Africa, Jan 2016- July 2016 Professor & Unit Head
Garyounis University, Govt. of Africa, Libya. 2009- 2010 Assistant Professor
University Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Utkal University Septmber 1995 to November 2001 Lecturer
Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy
Bangalore University
December 1994 to August1995 Lecturer
Boots Pharmaceutical, Sion, Bombay 1992 to 1993 Graduate Apprentice
Berhampur University, Odisha 2009 D.Sc.
Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Thesis Title: Synthesis and biological evaluation of new heterocyclic compounds
Areas: Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Evaluation
Advisor: Prof. P.K Misro and Prof.P.K Panda
Berhampur University, Odisha 1999 Ph.D.
Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Thesis Title: Synthesis and Pharmacological studies of New Indole derivative drugs and their other congeners.
Areas: Synthetic Chemistry
Advisor:Prof. P.K Misroand Prof.P.K Panda
Dr. M.G.R. Medical University,
Tamil Nadu
1995 M.Pharm.
Department: Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Subject: Medicinal and Organic Chemistry,Chemistry of Natural Product , Instrumental Chemistry
Berhampur University, Odisha 1992 B.Pharma.
Course Name: B. Pharma, M.Pharm, Ph.D.
(Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of natural product and Instrumental Chemistry)
Department and University Name: UDPS, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
Duties: Teaching , Research and Head of the Dept.(Administration)
22-11-2001 to till Date
01-06-11 to 30-05-13
10-8-15 to 31-05-17
01-06-19 to 15-09-21
Course Name. B.Pharma, M.Pharm, (Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural
Product and Instrumental Chemistry)
Department and University Name: Asmara University ,Asmara , Govt. Of
Duties: Teaching , Research and Unit Head
Course Name- B.Pharma, M.Pharm, (Medicinal chemistry Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural
Product and Instrumental Chemistry )
Department and University Name: Garyounis University, Libya,
Govt of Africa
Duties: Teaching and Research
Course Name- B.Pharma, M.Pharm, PhD (Medicinal chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural Product and Instrumental Chemistry)
Department and University Name: UDPS ,Utkal University, Bhubaneswar
Duties: Teaching and Research
Course Name- B.Pharma, M.Pharm, (Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural
Product and Instrumental chemistry)
Department and University Name : Institute of Pharmacy and Technology, Cuttack ,Utkal University, Odisha
Duties: Teaching and Research
Course Name- B.Pharma, M.Pharm, (Medicinal Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemistry of Natural
Product and Instrumental Chemistry)
Department and University Name: Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy,
Bangalore University
Duties:Teaching and Research

1. 47th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Visakhapatanam Dt.27-29th December 1995.
2. 6th Annual Conference Indian Pharmacological Society, Orissa State Branch, VSS Medial College, Burla. Dt. 14th July 1996.
3. 48th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Chennai Dt- 25-27th December 1996.
4. 49th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Thiruvanthapuram, Dt. 18-21st December 1997
5. National Symposium in Chemistry, ISC, Bangalore Dt. 27-30th January 1999.
6. International Conference on Chemistry & 36th Annual Convention of Chemists, held at Calcutta 11-16 Dec-1999
7. 37th Annual Convention of Chemists, Gurukula Kangri University, Hardwar. Year 2000.
8. 55th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Chennai December 2003
9. Orissa Bigyan Congress, Utkal University. Dt. 9th November 2003.
10. 57th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Hyderabad 2005
11. National Symposium, CPS, Mohuda. Dt. 3-4th July 2006.
12. Silver Jubilee Conference of Indian Council of Chemists, Birla College, Kalyan, M.S, Dt. 27-29th Dec 2006.
13. 59th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, Varanasi 2007
14. 1st Pharmatech IAPST International Conference. 2008
15. Annual Conference, 2009 of American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences, held at Los Angeles Centre in Los Angeles, California. U.S.A., Dt- 08- 12 November 2009.

Book Articles (Authored/Edited)
1. Susanta Ku. Sahu et alA hand book of Organic nomenclature, “Lambert academic publishing ISBN-978-613-9-81641-5. (2018).
2. Susanta Ku. Sahu et alA guide book to generic drug registration in India”: Lambert academic publishing ISBN-978-613-9-96249-5. (2018)
Journal Articles
1. A Combined approach of Pharmacophore modelling, QSAR study ,molecular docking and in Silico ADME/TOX prediction of 4- Arylthioand 4-Arloxy-3-Iodopyridine-2(1H) one analogs to identify potential Reverse Transcriptase inhibitor; anti-HIV agents. Medicinal chemistry.DOI;102174/1573406417666201214100822.(IMF.3.02)
2. Identification of antimycobacterial agent using insilico virtual screening ,ADME predication,Docking and Molecular Dynamics simulation approach, current computer aided Drug Design, 2020 BMS-CCADD-2020-25.DOI:10.2174/1573409916999200730182308 ( IMF.1.66)3. Rational in silico drug design of HIV-RTinhibitors through G-QSAR and moleculardocking study of 4-arylthio and 4-aryloxy-3-iodopyridine-2(1-H)-one derivative. Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
3. Pharmacophore modelling, QSAR study, molecular docking and insilico ADME prediction of1,2,3 triazole and pyrazolopyridones As DprE1 inhibitor antitubercular agents ,SN Applied Sciences.(IMF.1.0)
4. Computer-aided identification of lead compounds as FtsZ inhibitors using molecular docking, virtual screening, DFT analysis and molecular dynamic simulation, Journal of Molecular Modelling.2019;25;360 http;//doi.org/10.1007/s00894-019-4238-6.(IMF.1.3)
5. FtsZ inhibitors as a new genera of antibacterial agents Review article, Bioorganic Chemistry doi.org /10.1016/jbioorg.2019. 103169. (IMF.3.9)
6. Pharmacophore generation, atom-based 3D-QSAR, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies on benzamide analogues as FtsZ inhibitors. Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics; 2017, (DOI: 10.1080/07391102.2017.1384401). (IMF.3.02).
7. Insilico Designing and synthesis of Imidazole derivatives as Antimicrobial agent. International journal of Pharma and Biosciences, 2013 july 4(3) 758-766 (Impact factor: 0.476, ICV: 5.45).
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20. Synthesis, partition coefficient and antibacterial activity of 31-aryl-61-phenyl (substituted)-cis-51a, 61-dihydrospiro [3H-indole-3, 41-thiozolo (51, 11-c) isoxazolo-2-(1H)-ones]. Journal of Indian Chemical Society, 2006, 83,725-727.
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35. Study on morbidity of pre-school children in relation to age in a rural community of Ganjam district, Orissa. Indian journal of social and preventive medicine, 1993, 24(4), 153-158.
Regulatory articles
36. Global Generic Drug Filing Procedures. Indian Drug Manufacturing Association Bulletin, 2010, XLI (29), 1 to 7, 16-26.
37. Regulatory Procedures in EU: A Review, The Pharma Review,2010,89-92
38. Global Drug Master Filing Procedures. The Pharma Review, 2010,88-94.
39. A comprehensive study on regulatory requirements for development and filing of generic drugs globally. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Investigation, 2012,2(3), 99-109.
40. Comparing Drug Master File Procedures in Highly Regulated Markets. Regulatory Focus, 2012.

Organized Seminar
 Seminar on Wholeness and Implicate Order, held at MKCG Auditorium, Utkal University Dt. 08 February 2009. (Convenor)
 National Seminar, School of Pharmacy, Utkal University, Dt. 23-24th March 2002.(asst secretary organizing committee)
As Chairperson
 Eastern Regional of Indian Pharmacological Society & 21st Annual Conference of Odisha State Brach of IPS, held at SCB Medical College, Cuttack, Dt. 11-13 November 2011.
 ICMR Sponsored national Seminar on Quality control and Standardization of Ethnopharmaceuticals in the present era organized by Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar on 4-5th March 2018. (as Chairman, Scientific Committee)
Invited Speaker
 State Level Seminar, IMT Pharmacy College, Puri Dt. 5th April 2013.
 State Level Seminar, CPS, Puri
 State Level Seminar, Dadhichi College of PharmacyBBSR
 B.J.B. Autonomous College, BBSR
 School of Pharmacy Centurion University, BBSR
 GRY Institute of Pharmacy ,M.P

 Participated as a trainee in the National workshop on Drug design and Discovery at Institute of life sciences from 03-6th march 2014 Bhubaneswar.
 Participated as Delegate in the workshop on computational tools for protein modeling and lead optimization in drug discovery from 7-8th mar 2014 JSS College of pharmacy Ooty.
 Working Pharmacist, Institute of Pharmacy & Technology Dt. 27-28th March 2000.

Refresher Courses/ Training Programmes/Workshops attended:
 Attended introduction training program for teachers in Pharmaceutical Sciences sponsored by AICTE from 09thSep-28thSep 1998 at Kakatiya University, Warangal, AP.
 Attended UGC sponsored course from 10thJun-30thJun 2002 at Annamali University, Tamil Nadu.

1. Mentor -Project under Women Scientist Scheme: A Entitled “Discovery of Novel inhibitor of bacterial cell division targeting GTP-Binding protein FtsZ” project cost of Rs.19,90,000 (rupees nineteen lac ninety thousand only), Ministry of science and technology, Department of science and technology, Govt. of India

1. Mrityunjay Banerjee
Registration- 03-Pharmacy, 2006-07
Topic of Research: Rational Design and Evaluation of Pharmacoactive Heterocyclic Compounds”
2. Amiya Kumar Prusty
Registration- 15-Pharmacy 2006-07
Topic of Research: Development and Evaluation of Nano particles containing biological product used as drugs”
3. Prafulla Kumar Nandi
Registration-11-Pharmacy 2007-08
Topic of Research: Development of Innovative standards for the registration of Drugs in India based upon International Norms”
4. Rajkumar Mohanta
Registration-12-Pharmacy 2006-07
Topic of Research:“Synthesis and Biological evaluation of Heterocyclic Compound”
5. Ashish Kumar Pathak
Registration-02-Pharmacy 2007-08
Topic of Research:Design and Synthesis of some Fluoroquinolones derivatives as
Chemotherapeutic Agents”
6. Biman Kumar Panigrahi
Registration-16-Pharmacy 2006-07
Topic of Research: Phytochemical investigation and anti diabetic activity study of some indigenous medicinal plants”
7. Swayansiddha Tripathy(WOS-A,Department of Sciencce and Technology)
Topic of Research:Discovery of novel inhibitors of bacterial cell division Targeting GTP-Binding protein Ftsz”(Submitted)
8. Prachi Rani Sahu(UGC-JRF)
Registration- 02-Pharmacy-2018-2019
Topic of Research: Gene Identification, In-silico Designing and Development of new
Anti-diabetic agent (Continuing)
9. Dhananjay Kumar Tanty(ICMR-SRF)
Registration- 01-Pharmacy-2019-20
Topic of Research:Identification , Validation of Potential Candidate Genes and Design of New
Chemical Entities for Diabetes Mellitus Using Computational Chemistry Techniques(Continuing).

Examiner of Different Universities / Institutions:

Ph.D. Examination:
• Women’s University (Tirupati)
• National Institute of Technology, Arunchal Pradesh
• Kakatiya University, Warangal
• J.S.S. University, Ooty
• Achyra Nagarjun University, Guntur
• Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur
• Jaipur National University, Jaipur
• Punjab university ,Chandigara
P.G. Examination:
• BijuPattanaik University of Technology, Rourkela
• S ‘O’ A University, Bhubaneswar
• BJB Autonomous College, Bhubaneswar
Expert / Advisory Board member:
• Odisha Public Service Commission.
• Directorate of Ayush, Bhubaneswar.
• State licensing authority, Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Orissa.
• Project review of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi.
• Project Renewal Committee of JRF at Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar.
• Member of Board of Studies and Expert Member for Renewal of Approval of Degree Colleges under Biju Pattanaik University of Technology, Rourkela.
• Advisory Board Member, School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Centurion University of Technology and Management, Bhubaneswar.
Chairman / Member of Different Boards of Utkal University:
• Board of studies in Pharmacy (Chairman during 2008-2009, 2012-2013,17-21)
• Subject research committee of Pharmacy (Chairman during 2012-13 19-21)