Dr. Nandini Mishra
Name: Dr. Nandini Mishra
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.A., MPhil and LL.B (Utkal University), PhD (Andhra University Visakhapatnam)
Phone No.: 8763108935
E-mail ID:
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam 22nd May 2009 Ph.D.

Department: Philosophy

Thesis Title : The Morality of Abortion and Euthanasia: An Analytical Study in Applied Ethics

Area: Applied Ethics

Advisor: Prof. Y.V. Satyanarayana


Utkal University 23July 2006 LL.B
Utkal University 19th March 1997 M.Phil.

Department : Philosophy

Thesis Title : The Kathopanisadic concept of Atman and It’s Realisation

Area : Upanisadic Philosophy

Advisor :  Prof. BijayanandKar


Utkal University 9th July 1995 M.A

Department : Philosophy

Special Paper : Advaita Vedanta



Utkal University 31 April 1993 B.A

Department : Philosophy




Ravenshaw University 1st Dec.2010 – 27th Jan.2022 Assistant Professor
Utkal University 28th Jan. 2022 – Continuing Associate Professor
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam

Designation : Research Scholar

Topic : The Morality of Abortion and Euthanasia: An Analytical study in Applied Ethics

29th DEC2006-22ND May 2009
Utkal University

Designation : Research Scholar

Topic: The Kathopanisadic concept of Atman  and It’s Realisation

21st Sep.   1996 ,19thMarch 1997
B.A Philosophy – Indian Philosophy                                        1st Dec. 2010 – 27th Jan 2022
Upanisadic Philosophy
                             Bhagavad Geeta
                             Philosophy of Religion
M.A. philosophy – Advaita   Vedanta                                    1st Dec. 2010 – 27th Jan 2022
                                 Applied Ethics
Upanisadic philosophy
                                Indian Ethics
M.Phil . Philosophy- Applied Ethics                                       1st Dec. 2010 – 27th Jan 2022
                                     Indian Philosophy
Department of Philosophy, Ravenshaw University
Duties: Teaching, Examining and Evaluating                            1st Dec. 2010 – 27th Jan 2022
M.A. Philosophy-       Applied Ethics                                             28th Dec. 2022 – Continuing
                                     Indian Philosophy
M.PHIL. Philosophy –    Indian Philosophy                                     28th Dec. 2022 – Continuing
  Ph.D. Philosophy –     Contemporary Indian Philosophy           28th Dec. 2022 – Continuing
Department of Philosophy, Utkal University
Duties : Teaching, Examining and Evaluating


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  1. Presented a paper on “The concept of Atman in Kathopanisad at Indian Philosophical Congress, West Bengal in 2005.
  2. Presented a paper on The Issues on Abortion” at National Seminar on A Philosophical approach to Applied Ethics at Andhra Pradesh in 2006.
  3. Presented a paper on The Immorality of Euthanasia at Interim World Philosophy Congress at New Delhi, in 2006.
  4. Present a paper on ‘The Kathopanisadic concept of Atman and its realization’ at Indian Philosophical Congress, Tirupati, 2007.
  5. Presented a paper on Morality and Moral Reasoning at all Orissa Philosophy association, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar in 2009.
  6. Presented a paper as a speaker on The Path of action for mankind: As universal approach in the Bhagabad Gita”National Seminar on Bhagvad Gita, H.K. Mahatab College, Balasore, in 2011.
  7. Presented a paper on Social Justice and gender equity in UGC personnel National seminar on Human Rights and social justice, Choudwar College, Cuttack, 2011.
  8. Presented a paper on “An analytical exposition of Brahman in Upanisad at all Orissa Philosophy association”, Choudwar, Cuttack in 2012.
  9. Presented a paper Active Euthanasia: “An ethical prospectiveinICPR sponsored national Seminar Contemporary issues in applied ethics, in Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, 2012.
  10. Presented a paper on Relation of Philosophy and Society : G.Misra’s stand” ICPR sponsored national on Prof. G. Misra’s in Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, 2015.
  11. Presented a paper on Arthapatti as an Independent source of knowledge, All Odisha Philosophy Association, Maharshi College of Natural Law, Bhubaneswar, 2015.
  12. Presented a paper of “Valuational significant in the Kathopanisad” at All Odisa Philosophy Association, Shree Jayadev College of Education and Technology, Naharkanta, Bhubaneswar, 2017.
  13. Presented a paper on The necessity of Religion and Swami Vivekananda Approach in Global Spiritual Conclave, sponsored by ICPR and ICRC in Santigiri, Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala, 2017.
  14. Presented a paper on “Importance of Upanisadic message TatonaVijugupsate” in this modern world in Indian Philosophical Congress, at Sanchi University of Buddhist Indic studies, Barla, Madhya Pradesh, 2017.
  15. Presented a paper on Humanism of Tagore and Radhakrishnan in Asian Philosophy Conference, Sanchi University, Mandhya Pradesh, 2017.
  16. Presented a paper in symposium “Philosophical Methodology in Indian Philosophical Congress, Surat, Gujarat, 2018.
  17. Presented a paper on Human Supremacy and concern for the rights of the animals”,inICSSR sponsored National Seminar in BJB College, Bhubaneswar, 2018.
  18. Presented a paper in symposium Biomedical Ethicsin All Orissa Philosophy Association”, Rama Devi University, Bhubaneswar, 2018.
  19. Presented a paper on Jaina Ethics in general”, in All Orissa Philosophy Association, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, 2019.
  20. Presented a paper on “Ethics of Mahima Dharmain National seminar on Central concept of Indian Philosophy in S.B.Womens College. Cuttack, 2019
  21. Presented a paper on Universality of Culture in influence of Jaina Tradition on Odishan Culturein National Seminar on Jaina Philosophy in Culture University, Bhubaneswar, 2019.
  22. Presented a paper on Consequentialisitc Approach to Buddhist Ethics in Asian Philosophy Conference, at NabaNalandaMahavidyalaya, Nalanda, Bihar, 2019.
  23. Presented a paper on Sabtapramana  in Indian Philosophical Congress, Nalanda, Bihar, 2019
  24. Presented a paper on Can Religion contribute in humanism the World?” in International Conference, Yellapur, Karnataka, 2019
  25. Presented a paper on  “Feministic approach for personal life” in National seminar on  Feminism : A philosophical approach in S.B.Womens College, Cuttack 2020
  26. Presented a paper on Ecosophy and well-being of Humanity, in International Conference on Social Philosophy Tamilnadu,2020
  27. Presented a  paper on Religion and Morality: An analysis, in AOPA, Adashpur,2020
  28. Invited lecture on “Verbal Testimony: An analysis as a resource person  in S.B. Women’s College,Cuttack,Odisha,2020
  29. Pressed a paper on “The Covdt-19 Impacts on Social Life’ in a national seminar on Societal Trends , in St. Mary College,Thootkudi,2021
  30. A paper presented on     ‘Sociality ,Optimism And Man: A post pandemic Reflection”             in All Odisha Philosophy Association, VikramDev College, Koraput, 2021
  31. Present a paper on Relevant of Current Technology in Educational Research, International Conference, stignatius college,Terenvuli,June2021
  32. Present a paper on The Covid-19 : Threats on Human Life as a Whole, Situational analysis of Human and Legal Rights in the times of Pandemic: Challenges and State Duties in University College of Law,30th  June 2021
  33. Presented a paper   on  Ecosophy and Evolution of Man  in Nature,  International Conference in Geography, Environment and Sustainable  Development,  July 2021
  34. Presented a paper  on Spirit of Harmony and Brotherhood : A Humanistic Approach to Attain Peaceful Life, webinar, The Philosophy of Love  and Peace, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal,  25th July2021
  35. Presented a paper on  Philosophical Reflections on Pandemic and Education , Impact of Covid-19 on Higher Education System, IBRF 6th-8th Aug 2021
  36. Presented a paper on Gender Equality in Decision Making and Sustainable development,  in International Conference on Role of Women, Jabalpur, M.P, 20th August 2021
  37. Invited as a resource person on Formation and Foundations of Society: An Appraisal, in a seminar, sponsored by UGC, Salipur Autonomous College, Cuttack,22nd March 2022
  1. Best Paper Award in International Conference of social Philosophy,Karnataka,2019
  2. Junior Research fellow of Indian Council of Philosophical Research 2007-2009.
  3. Third position in B.A. in Philosophy, Utkal University.
  1. Refresher Course in 5th -20th  Feb .2021 in SGTB Khalsa College, University of Delhi, Under MHRD,with grade  A
  2. Refresher     Course   in 15th -30th June 2021
  3. FDP in 1st -7th March.2021,Pragati College, under MHRD, ITEC
  4. FDP in 1st -12th — May 2021, Jain  DiwakarMahavidyalaya,  MHRD, ITEC
  5. FDP on quizzes on Research Methodology in 22nd -30th May2021,in Balaji Institute of Management, Warangal, Telangana
  6. FDP 1st -12th June 2021,Guru Govind Singh  College of Education, ITEC, MHRD
  7. Workshop in 22 -23July 2021,
  8. Fdp in 5th -19th  July 2021, Pragati College Raipur, ITEC, MHRD
  9. Orientation Course– 8th – 7th Dec 2021, Government of India Ministry of Education, Guru AnnangaDev Teaching and Learning Centre.
  10. Appointed as Nodal Officer for PWD, 29th March 2022 ,Utkal University.
  1. Life Member in All Odisha Philosophy
  2. Life member in Indian Philosophical Congress
  3. Active Member in Asian Philosophy Congress
  4. Active member in International Conference of Social Philosophy