Dr. Jyotirmayee Choudhury
Name: Dr. Jyotirmayee Choudhury
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: MBA, Ph.D
Phone No.: 8895046590
E-mail ID: jyotirmayeec@gmail.com
Utkal University May 2008-  till date Lecturer
Utkal  University 2004 – May,  2008  


Department:  Dept of Business Administration

Thesis Title: Mediating Role of intellectual capital between HR configuration and organisation Bottomline

Areas:  HRM

Advisor: Dr B . B Mishra

Utkal  University 1990 – 1992 M.B. A


Thesis Title:



Utkal University 1985-  1990 Bachelor of Science

Department: Utkal University

PhD thesis

  • Dr Jyotirmayee Choudhury, Mediating Role of Intellectual Capital between HR configuration and Organisational Bottomline”. Department of Business Administration,Utkal University, 2008.

Book Articles (Authored/Edited)

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  • Dr Jyotirmayee Choudhury “A Text book of Human Resource Management” Kindle (e) book Publications Amazon. 2018
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  • Jyotirmayee Choudhury,: “Green Marketing –New hopes and aspirations Reference to consumers of Orissa” : Marketing in emerging Markets , EXCEL BOOK, , Vol ISBN978-81-7446-758-4,  2009

Research and Publication


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  • Sarita Das (Regd No- 16-Bus.adm, 2008-2009) has been awarded   D  degree  on commercialisation of fish marketing system and sustainable livelihood” A study of Chilika Lake in ORISSA
  • LekkharamBhati (Regd No- 14 -Bus.adm, 2014-2015)  organisational climate and job satisfaction:  A study of private steel and power industries in odisha.
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