P.G Analytical and Applied Economics Achievements

In recognition of the significant contributions made by this department in the field of economics research, the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi selected the department as a Centre for Teacher-Fellowship Program in Economics in the year 1977, as a Department of Special Assistance (DSA) in the year 1989, ASIHSS grant awardees in 2006 and has been upgraded to Center of Advanced Study (CAS) in Economics from 2010-11 academic session. The academic and research contribution of the department was also recognized by the State Bank of India and it instituted a Chair in Rural Economics in 1981, by creating an Endowment of Rupees six lakhs and it functioned till 2000. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) also instituted a Chair in Institutional Finance in 1982 which is now functioning. As a leading teaching and research center in India, the department holds seminars, conferences, discussions and interactive sessions regularly in the areas of social sector economics, rural economics, environmental economics, agricultural economics et cetera.