Course Curriculum (EVS)

SemesterPaper NamePaper CodeDurationTeacher
Semester 1Environmental Science and ChemistryES-10145hrsProf. P.K. Mohanty
Toxicology, Statistics and Geo-Informatics.ES-10245 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Dr. P.K. Mohanty
Environmental Pollution and Meteorology (A)/Or
SWAYAM Course on Water Resources and Watershed Management (B)
ES-10345 hrsDr. S.K. Sahu
Prof. H.K. Patra
Environmental GeologyES-10445 hrsProf. Madhumita Das
Prof. G.K. Panda
Practical Pertaining to Theory Papers – ES-101, ES-102, ES-103 & ES-104ES-10545 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Semester 2Ecology and BiodiversityES-20145 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Geosciences and Natural Resources ManagementES-20245 hrsDr. K.C. Mallick
Environmental Hazards and Disaster Management (A)/Or
SWAYAM Course on Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Management (B)
ES-20345 hrsProf. G.K. Panda
Environment and Public HealthES-20445 hrsProf. R.C. Mohanty
Practical Pertaining to Theory Papers – ES-201, ES-202, ES-203 & ES-204ES-20545 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Semester 3Environmental Management System & EIAES-30145 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Environmental Laws and Awareness (A)/Or
SWAYAM Course on Environmental Law (B)
ES-30245 hrsProf. B. Das
Allied Elective Paper – Environmental Studies and AwarenessES-30345 hrsDr. S.K. Sahu
Free Elective Paper – Environmental Microbiology &
Ecology (A)/Or SWAYAM Course on Biomass Characterization (B0
ES-30445 hrsProf. S.L. Sahoo
Prof. H.K. Patra
Practical Pertaining to Theory Papers – ES-301 & ES-302ES-30545 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Semester 4Environmental Pollution Monitoring ES-401 (A)45 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Industrial Pollution Control & ManagementES-402 (B)45 hrsDr. S. Acharya
Prof. H.K. Patra
Forest Ecology and Modeling ES-401 (B)45 hrsProf. R.C. Mohanty
Stress Biology and ToxicologyES-402 (B)45 hrs
Remote Sensing and GISES-401 (C)45 hrsDr. S.K. Sahu
Meteorology and Climate Change ES-402 (C)45 hrsDr. S.K. Sahu
Prof. G.K. Panda/ Prof. Madhumita Das
Dissertation–cum–Presentation ES-40303 monthsDr. S. Acharya/Dr. S.K. Sahu
Seminar PresentationES-40406 hrsDr. S. Acharya/Dr. S.K. Sahu