Course Curriculum (M. A. Women’s Studies )

Semester-1Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Concept of Women’s StudiesWSC - 1011Dr. Mamata Dash
Development of Feminist Thoughts WSC I - 1012Dr. Snigdharani Behera
Women’s MovementWSC – 1013Dr Snigdharani Behera
Women in Indian SocietyWSC – 1014Dr. Mamata Dash
Computer StudiesWSC - 1015Dr. Mamata Dash
Semester-2Paper Name: Paper Code: Duration: Teacher
Women & Education WSC – 1021Dr. Snigdharani Behera
Women & DevelopmentWSC – 1022Dr. Snigdharani Behera
Women & WorkWSC – 1023Dr. Snigdharani Behera
Elementary Research Methodology WSC – 1024Dr. Mamata Dash
Women & LawWSC - 1025Dr. Mamata Dash