PG Anthropology Laboratory Details

  • Biological Anthropology Instrumentation Centre

    The Department is equipped with Biological anthropology instrumentation centre having facilities for Osteometric, , Cytogenetics, Bio-chemical Genetics, Forensic and Molecular anthropology research.

    The major scientific equipments are available in the centre are PCR, Transilluminator, microscope, UV-spectophotometer, Chemical Analyser, PH meter, water bath, Electrophoresis with power pac, Laminarflow, Dry Block heater, Cold and High speed centrifuge, Deep Freezer for storage of DNA, Water Analyser, Haematology Analyser, High Power Trinocular Microscope etc.

    In addition to this, the instrumentation center is well equipped with instruments catering to practical teaching on human growth, human variation, nutritional anthropology, forensic anthropology, such as human and primate skeletons, skulls, long & short bones, sliding and spreading calipers, osteometric boards, diagraph, sphygmomanometers, blood sugar analyzer etc.

    These scientific equipments that have been purchased under the auspices of DSA, Xth and XIth plan and ASIHSS programme of U.G.C and DST-PURSE grant in 2012-14.

  • Pre-historic Archeological Laboratory

    The department’s prehistoric laboratory has a rich tradition of conducting excavation, collection of tools and artifacts used by early men representing the technological evolution from early Paleolithic to Neolithic cultural episodes.

  • Cultural Museum

    The department has a Cultural Museum exhibiting different traits of material culture and manifests the cradle of tribal life. The tribal artifacts have been collected from various tribal areas of Odisha. Besides, rich collection tribal artifacts, the Museum also houses bio-archaeological materials such as skeletal remains excavated from various archaeological sites in Odisha highlighting the Neolithic culture of Odisha.