Prof. V. Chakravortty
Name: Prof. V. Chakravortty
Designation: Professor (Retired)
Qualification: Ph.D. (Utkal) PDF (USSR)
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Dr. Vivekananda Chakravortty passed M.Sc. from
Ravenshaw College, Cuttack in 1972 and was a Lecturer in Stewart Science College, Cuttack for some time. He joined this department as a research scholar to work for his Ph. D. degree under the supervision of Professor Dr. S. R. Mohanty. He was a very active research worker in the field of Nuclear Chemistry relating to solvent extraction of radioactive and other transition and inner transition elements using some novel organic extractants. His research work in this area earned him Ph.D. degree under Prof. K. C. Dash with whom he had extensive research collaboration at a later stage. He visited Russia (Dubna Nuclear centre) availing India Government fellowship and had advanced training on Nuclear science during Postdoctoral research work. He served this department in the capacity of Reader, Professor, and Head of the Department. His research work in the later years was focused on solution chemistry of binary liquids and the chemistry of electrolytic solutions. For a short period, he was shifted from academics to administration to shoulder the responsibilities of the Registrar of Utkal University. More than 100 research publications in national/international journals of repute and around 18 Ph. D. scholars during a short span of time testify to his caliber as a research worker. In the Silver Jubilee celebration of the Department in 1992, Dr. Chakravortty worked hard to make it a grand success. His untimely death is a great loss for the department.