Mr. Narottam Gaan

Mr. Narottam Gaan
Name: Mr. Narottam Gaan
Designation: Professor
Qualification: M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D
Phone No.: +91-9937132207
E-mail ID: narottam_gaan(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • International Relation
  • Security Studies – Traditional and non-traditional
  • Foreign Policy
  • Political Theory
  • Western Political Thought and Indian Thought

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Journal Publications :

  • International Publications:
  • National Publications:
    1 Energy crisis: Security implications, World Focus, no.399, 2013.
    2 India’s policy on climate change in the context of US posture, no.419, Word Focus, November 2014.
    3 American Foreign Policy towards India: Strategy of aid with religion, World Affairs, Vol.18, no.3, July-September, 2014.
    4 India and ASEAN Cooperation on Climate Change, Politico, vol.2, no.2. 2014.
    5 “Conceptualizing Human Security: Toward Shifting Paradigm” Asian Profile, Vol. 43, No.1, February, 2015.
    6 Youth Bulge: Constraining and Reshaping transition to Liberal Democracy in Afghanistan, India Quarterly, 71(1), 2015.
    7 “Climate change, Demographic Challenges in Pakistan and Aid from US”, Nam Today, Vol. XXXXVI, No.4. April 2015, NAM Today.
    8 “Population age structure, liberal democracy and civil war”, World Affairs, vol.19,no.2, Summer 2015.
    9 Climate change and threats to Human Security, World Focus, October, 2015.
    10 “Demystifying We the People” Odisha Political Science Journal, Vol. XVIII, No. 1, December 2011.
    11 “The Relative Young Cohort Size: Impact on Democracy and Governance”, Public Administration Review, Vol.XII April 2011.
    12 “Climate change and sea level rise in Bangladesh: Security Implications on India, 2012, World Focus.
    13 “Rich Mass and Poor Democracy, Indian Journal of Political Science, 2012.
    14 “Youth Age structure reshaping state and security in the arc of instability: Africa, Middle East and Asia”, Nepali Journal of Contemporary of Studies, Vol. XIII, No.1, March 2013.
    15 “Climate Change: A Threat to Human Security in Nepal”, Regional Studies (Islamabad), Vol. XXXI, No.2, Spring 2013.
    16 “Climate Change the EU-India from a strategic partnership to strategic dialogue”, World Focus, no. 398, February 2013.
    17 “Energy Security and climate change”, No. 399, World Focus, March 2013.
    18 “Civil Society and Global Environment Governance”, World Focus no.437, November, 2013.
  • Review Articles(State Level Publications):
    Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):
  • Edited Books :
    1 REVIEWING BOOK: America, Pakistan, and the India factor (Niroda Mohanty), NAM TODAY, vol. XXXXX, no.8, August, 2015
  • Text Books :
  • Book Chapters :
    1 Book Chapter: Water sources of Tibet: A factor in Indo-China Relations in Annpurna., etal, (ed), India-China Relations in the contemporary Era: Opportunities, Obstacles and Outlooks( New Delhi: Kalpaz, 2015).
    2 Book Chapter: Perspectives on Indo-US relations after the end of the cold war in Amulya Tripathy (ed)., Post 9/11 United States- India Relations towards an active Engagement (New Delhi: Reference Press, 2013.
    3 Book Chapter: “Environmental Security in India Ocean Region: US policy in Parlance and Practice” in Mohammed Bardul Alam edited Indo-US Relations: Dimensions and Emerging Trends, Shipra, New Delhi, 2013.
    4 Book Chapter: “America and Nuclear Non-proliferation in South Asia: Problems and Challenges” in A.K. Tripathy and Jayanta K. Mohapatra ed. Nuclear Proliferation in South Asia and United States: Issues and Dynamics, Reference Press, New Delhi, 2012.
    5 Book Chapter: “Climate change and social exclusion in South Asia, Women Studies, et al, (ed) Utkal University, Abhisek Publication, New Delhi, 2012.
    6 Book Chapter: “Resurgence of Maoism in KBK Districts of Odisha”, Arun Mohanty, et al, (ed) Contemporary Odisha: Realities and Vision, Axis Books Private. Ltd, New Delhi, 2012.
    7 BOOKS: “Climate Change and new security challenges: The case of United Nations”, New Delhi: Knowledge world, 2015 (in press).
    8 BOOKS: “Climate Change and new security challenges: The case of United Nations”, New Delhi: Knowledge world, 2015 (in press).
    9 BOOKS: “India’s Foreign Policy towards its Neighbours”, New Delhi: Abhijeet Publication, 2015.
    10 BOOKS: “Climate Change and rising sea level in Bangladesh: Security Implication for India,” New Delhi, Mittal, 2015.
    11 BOOKS: “Climate Change and threats to human security” , New Delhi: Kalpaz, 2014.
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  • Ambassador of Peace Award by Universal Peace Foundation, South Korea on 10th September, 2014.
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