Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.A., Ph.D., B.Ed.
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  • Sociology of Tribes
  • Sociology of Knowledge
  • Sociology of Health
  • Gender Studies
  • P.G (Sociology) Semester1, Paper 4,
  • Semester 2: P5
  • Semester 4: P15
  • M.Phil (Sociology) Semester 1, P 2
  • Semester 2, P 3
  • Term paper, Presentation & Research method
  • Pre-PhD Certification (Sociology))

Guidance :

  • MPhil Guidance:
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  • PhD Guidance:
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Journal Publications :

  • International Publications:
  • National Publications:
    1 Marriage rites and rituals among Langia Saora, Orissa Review 1995.
    2 Marriage customs among Oraons, Orissa Review, 1995.
    3 Crisis of Higher Education in India 21st Century International Recognition Multidisciplinary Research Journal Vol.IV, Issue-III/April-2014.
    4 Health Care practices among Kolha married women: A case study of Odisha International Journal of Multidisciplinary research and Development-2015.
    5 The Munda: Their Songs and Dances, in an Edited Book “Tribal Dance of Orissa”, 2009 ATLC, Bhubaneswar, Orissa.
    6 Tribal Sub-plan (The New Strategy) for tribal development Journal of the Jayaprakash Narayan Institute of Economics & Social Studies, Bhubaneswar-2015.
    7 Gandhian Ideas of Rural Industrialization International Journal of Novel Research in Humanity and Social Sciences, Vol-2,Issue-4, pp:(39-41) August-2015.
    8 Ethno Medicine and Health Care system among Kharias: A study of Sundargarh district, Odisha Ethnomedical Practices in Tribal Areas, Published by SSDN Publishers & Distributors, New Delhi, 2014(eds.).
    9 Caste Based Social Exclusion and Protest Movements in India: An Analysis from Buddha to Kanshi Ram, Dr. M.G.Bage and Siman challa Ranjit,in Dr. R. Garada edt. Dynamics of Development and Social Exclusion, SSDN, 2015.
  • Review Articles(State Level Publications):

Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  • Presented/Published in proceedings
    1 GIS as a tool of Local Planning and Good Governance, Dept. of Pol. Science, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, 2012.
    2 Need for the Revival of Traditional Health Care Practices among tribals for empowerment, Dept. of Anthropology, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, 2012.
    3 An approach to traditional Health Care Practices among tribals: A case study of Kolha married women of Odisha. The 2nd International Conference in Medical Sociology, MMM College of Health Sciences, Chennai, April 2012.
    4 Gandhian Ideas of Rural Industrialization, in XXVII AISC, Golden Jubilee Year, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, 2001.
    5 Civil Society and Democratic state: An Interface in XXVI, AISC, University of Kerala, Thiruvantapuram, 2002.
    6 Socio-cultural life of Tribals in National and International context, state level seminar, Konark.
    7 Culture and Communication in Rural Reporter Training Camp, 2004.
    8 Social change among the Tribals in Orissa, XXXI, AISC, University of Jammu, 2005.
    9 Constitutional provisions and Tribal displacements in state level convention, 2006.
    10 Dalit aspiration and Mass Media Communication, in state level convention, 2006.
    11 Displacement in the process of Development, XXXII, AISC, University of Madras, 2006.
    12 Tribal in the process of development, Resource Person, Refresher course, NIWASS, 2002.
    13 Dalit Issues and Communication in Rural Reporter Training 2006.
    14 Tribal resistance and industrialization in Orissa, National Seminar, Utkal University, 2007.
    15 Tribal knowledge system, the case of ethno medicine in Sundargarh dist. Orissa, 36th AISC, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, 2010.
  • Edited Books :
    1 Tribal Knowledge: Studies on the Kharia and Kisan Tribes in Orissa published by ATLC, Bhubaneswar
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  • Rashtra Ratan Award by All India Business Development Association. “For Excellence in Chosen field of Activity” On the occasion of 34th National Seminar on “INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS & NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” 2012, New Delhi.
  • Bharat Shiksha Rattan Award by Global Society for Health & Educational Growth.For Excellence in Chosen field of Activity on the occasion of 34th National Seminar on “INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS & NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT”, 2012, NEW DELHI.
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