Dr. (M/S) Somarani Chand

Dr. (M/S) Somarani Chand
Name: Dr. (M/S) Somarani Chand
Designation: Reader
Qualification: Ph.D., LL.B.
Phone No.: +91 9439638036
E-mail ID: somachand20(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • Ancient Indian History
  • Modern Indian History
  • 19th Century Bengali Literature with relation to Odisha

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Journal Publications :

  • International Publications:
  • National Publications:
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  • Review Articles(State Level Publications):

Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  • Presented/Published in proceedings
    1 Indigenous Primary Education in 19th Century Orissa, A Study from Udishyar Chitra. 35th Session of Orissa History Congress, KIIT University, Patia, Bhubaneswar, 22-23rd Feb., 2014.
    2 The Importance of being Bhadrak (H). Orissa History Congress, Bhadrak, 1992.
    3 Kokiladevi and Gandhian Ideology. National Seminar on Women in Odishan History, P. G. Dept. of History, Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar, 22-23rd Feb. 2015.
    4 Women Education in Koraput. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Women Education in KBK Districts of Orissa, Govt. Women’s College, Bhawanipatna.. 29th â?? 30th March 2006.
    5 Odisha as Gleandrom “Amar Jivan Katha”. National Conference on Writing the Self: Autobiography as a Cultural and Historical Discourse, Ravenshaw University, 17th â?? 18th Jan. 2014.
    6 Mahtab and Gandhian Constructive Works. XVII All India Freedom Fighter’s Conference, Bhubaneswar, 2004.
    7 The Trial of Nanda Kumar: A Retrospective Study. XVIII All India Freedom Fighter’s Conference, Bhubaneswar, 2005.
    8 Seminar on Martial Tradition of Orissa, 23rd â?? 25th Nov., 2003, Jaydev Bhawan, Bhubaneswar, War References in Sarala Mahabharat.
    9 Kuntala Kumari & Nationalist Poems. UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on Women’s Participation in the Freedom Movement of Orissa, Vyasanagar College,5th Sept. 2005.
    10 Women Education in 19th Century Orissa. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Women Education in Orissa, S.B. Women’s College, Cuttack, 15th & 16th January, 2005.
    11 Tribal Migration in Orissa: An Economic Study. UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on Tribals of Orissa, the Changing Socio-Economic Profile, Vyasanagar College, 17th Dec. 2006.
    12 Women Empowerment: The Educational Dimension. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Empowering Women in India, Ravenshaw Autonomous College, 27th & 28th Oct. 2006.
    13 Odishara Chitra â?? A Historiographical Study. UGC sponsored National Seminar on State & Society in Orissa through the Ages, Ravenshaw Autonomous College, 9th – 10th April 2004.
    14 Workshop on Security Concerns of Women Organised by Police Commissionirate, Bhubaneswar â?? Cuttack, 5th May, 2015.
    15 S.C. Banerjee Report and Patanagarh Estate. ICHR sponsored National Seminar on Sources of History of Orissa: Identification, Documentation and Utilisation, Ravenshaw Autonomous College, 23rd – 24th April 2005.
    16 Paraja Culture as Projected in Gopinath Mohanty’s Paraja. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Cultural Identity of Tribals of Orissa: Background, Changes and Continuities, Ravenshaw Autonomous College, 22nd & 23rd April, 2005.
    17 Particpiant. ICHR sponsored National Seminar on Maritime Activities of Orissa from Earliest Time to the Present Day, Ravenshaw University, 8th Nov. 2009.
    18 Women Participation in Freedom Struggle with reference to Bhadrak District .UGC sponsored State Level Seminar on Freedom Struggle in Bhadrak District, Participation, Ideology & Local Variation, at A B College Basudevpur, Bhadrak, 09th – 10th March 2008.
    19 Salandi Valley Culture at Bhadrak. XXIX Session of Orissa History Congress, S.B. Women’s College, Cuttack, 19th & 20th Jan. 2008.
    20 Karma Mandir of Mahatab: A Programme of Mass Mobilisation. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab & His time, Harekrushna Mahatab College, Kupari, 26th & 27th Sept. 2010.
    21 The Poems of Madhu Babu: Reconstruction of Odia Identity.UGC sponsored Seminar on Madhusudan Das and Odia Identity, S.B. Women’s College, Cuttack, 22nd Feb. 2012.
    22 Women Empowerment: Mission Shakti. ICHR sponsored National Seminar on Empowering Women for Self-sustenance & Leadership through Higher Education, Govt. Women’s College, Sambalpur, 16th – 17th March 2013.
    23 Vivekananda: The Humanist. National Seminar on Vivekanand and World Culture, organized by Department of Culture, Govt. of Chhatisgarh & Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Ashram and Vivekananda Vidyapeeth Raipur, 23rd – 24th March 2013.
    24 Resource Person.UGC sponsored National Seminar on Contemporary Indian Education and Society: Relevance of Swami Vivekananda, at Fakir Chand College, Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal, 12th & 13th Sept. 2013.
    25 Raja of Agarpada and Freedom Movement. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Contribution of Royal Houses of Odisha to the Freedom Movement, T.S.D. College, Ganjam, 7th to 9th Feb. 2013.
    26 Bhadrak: A Place Name Study. Joint Conference of Epigraphical Society of India & Place Names Society of India & National Seminar on Indian Epigraphy: Challenges & Opportunity, Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, 16th to 18th Nov., 2013.
    27 Certificate of Attendance at 74th Session of Indian History Congress at Ravenshaw University, Cuttack, 28 – 30th Dec. 2013.
    28 Tribal Displacement: A Case Study of Kalinganagar. National Seminar on Industrial Development & Tribal Displacement: Reflection on a Core Issue, Pranakrishna Mahavidyalaya, Jajpur, 09th & 10th Feb. 2014.
    29 Women Education in Odisha: A Study From first Half of 20th Century. International Conference on Literate Voices : Building Literary for all S. B. Women’s College, Cuttack in Collaboration with California State University, Fresno, U.S.A. 6th Jan. 2014.
    30 Reconstructing Odia Identity through Soshee Chunder Dutta’s “The Young Zemindar”. International Conference on Writing India: Colonial, Post-Colonial and Transitional Fiction, Department of English, Ravenshaw University, 16 â?? 17th Jan. 2015.
    31 Udishyar Chitra : A Historiographical Overview. 36th Annual Session of Odisha History Congress, at Kendrapada Autonomous College, Kendrapada, 31st Jan. – 1st Feb. 2015.
    32 National Workshop on Development, Displacement and Resistance: Mapping Contemporary Social Movements in India/Odihsa, Ravenshaw University, 10 â?? 11th August 2015.
    33 Resource Person. U.G. C. Sponsored National Seminar on Empowerment of Women Through Higher Education: The Precursor of Development at Sushilavati Govt. Women’s College, Rourkela, 4th – 5th July, 2015.
    34 On Kanika Praja Movement – “Mahatab and Kanika Meli”. State Level Seminar at Ghanteswar Degree College, Bhadrak, 11th – 12 th July, 2015.
    35 Universalism in Jagannath Culture. National Seminar on History and Culture of Shree Jagannath â?? Its Impact on Socio- Religious and Political Life of the People of Odisha at Lakshmi Narayan Sahoo Mahavidyalay, Cuttack, 20th â?? 21st Sept. 2015.
    36 Women Liberation: Micro Study of Tagore’s Family. International seminar on Security, Environment, Gender and Violence at S.B. Women’s College, Cuttack, 7th Nov. 2015.
    37 Skill based Workshop in History at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, 17th â?? 18th Nov. 2015.
    38 State Level Seminar cum Regional Session of Odisha History Congress at Bhadrak College, Bhadrak, 14th â?? 15th Nov. 2015.
  • Edited Books :
    1 S. Chand. Harekrushna Mahatab & Freedom Struggle (1920-1947). Firma KLM Pvt. Ltd., Calcutta, 1997, ISBN-81-7102-070-4.
  • Text Books :
    1 M. Das, S. Chand, K. Jena. Indian Society & Culture. Kalyani Publisher, Ludhiana, 2005. (English ISBN-81-272-2498-7 & Odia ISBN-81-272-3020-0).
    2 S. Chand and S. Tripathy. History of the India. Satyanarayan Publisher, Cuttack- 2007, 2013 (New Course) (English ISBN-81-8118-089-5 & Odia ISBN-81-8118-015-2).
    3 S. Chand. +2 History of the World. Satyanarayan Publisher, Cuttack- 2007, 2013 (New Course) (English ISBN-81-8118-094-1 & Odia ISBN-81-8118-094-3).
    4 S. Chand. Sangrami Harekrushna Mahatab (Odia), Agraduta, Cuttack, 2015. (ISBN 81-86354-128-6).
    5 S. Chand. Bharata Itihasara Adyaprava O Aryadharana, Translated to Odia from ‘India’ Historical Beginnings and The concept of the Aryans (ed. Romila Thapar), National Book Trust, New Delhi, 2010. ISBN-978-81-237-5930-2.
    6 S. Chand. Odishar Itihasa O Parichiti â?? Translated to Odia from ‘Republic of Orissa, (English), History of Orissa. Orissar Chitra and Orissar Katha in Bengali, Prafulla, Jagatsinghpur, (In Press).
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  • Research Books :
  • Workshops:
  • Seminars:
  • Hamendranath Gold Medal, 1978 Rotary Club, Bhadrak, for topper in B.A (History).
  • Mahanadi Saraswata Samman by Saraswati Santhan, Mahanadi Vihar, Cuttack, 2015.
  • Smruti Kabita Samman 1998 by Pitambar Swain Smruti Sansad, Bhadrak 1998.
  • Ganashyam Dash Gold Medal 1978 by Utkal Univeristy for topper in B.A (History).
  • Best Commentator Award by Prabhat Literary and Cultural Center 1998.
  • Analyst Award in Zilla Yuva Utsava, Bhadrak 1998.
  • Manorama Literary Award 2004.
  • Samaroha Literary Award 2008.
  • Sudhanya Literary Award 2008.
  • Mahodadhi Literary Award â?? 2011.
  • Saraswati Sahitya Sadhana Samman â?? 2013 (On the occasion of silver Jubilee Celebration of Saraswati Sisu Vidya Mandir, Nayabazar, Cuttack).
  • Ramamani Smruti Samman â?? 2014 by Rammani Parmanik Smruti Sansad, Bhadrak.
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