Laboratory (EVS)

There is a well-equipped M.Sc. Practical Laboratory with facilities for Water analysis, Air sampling, and analysis, Noise sampling, and Microbial analysis of air and water. It contains Respirable Dust Sampler (01), Digital Weighing Balance (01), Table Top High-Speed Centrifuge (01), Compound Microscope (05), Bacteriological Incubator (01), BOD Incubator (01), Sound Level meter (01) LCD Projectors with laptop computer (01), Double Distillation Unit (01), Autoclave (02), Digital pH Meter (01), Digital Conductivity Meter (01), Water-bath (01), UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (01), Electrophoretic Units (02), Water bath (01), Refrigerated Centrifuge (01) and other necessary facilities.